Edit on Title: Confirmation Of Bridgeport Officer Killed In Car Chase

Looks like we may have a big wreck at 114 and 2123 in Bridgeport. Possible cop car involved (uncomfirmed.) The JP has been called to the scene. That's a bad sign. Picture from Google Streeview. Developing... (Thanks emailer.) EDIT: I have a report from someone I trust that a Bridgeport Officer has been killed. Edit: Confirmed on officer death. The man in the other vehicle, who was allegedly in the process of stealing a car, is a Bridgeport man and unharmed. Edit: Suspect has been named as Stephen York. Edit: Basic facts appear to be this. It began as a hit and run on 380 between Bridgeport and Decatur with York fleeing back to Decatur with DPS and Decatur PD in pursuit. York (and this part is a little sketchy) dumps the vehicle and jumps some fences and is able to steal a car. He then headed down 51 south and onto 114 and then back into Bridgeport. Once he got into Bridgeport, the officer had was "off to the side" of the road. I've had two or three reports that it looked like York "veered" into the officer. Edit: Fox 4 had a helicopter video on its 6:00 news. Lari Barager reporting. I'll try to upload it later this evening.