Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Senate has passed DWI Roadblock legislation (although, if passed by the House, it won't apply to Wise County because of our size.) They say there will be minimal inconvenience to drivers since officers will be subject to strict guidelines.
  • Officer Robert Powell, who was subject to strict guidelines, minimally inconvenienced Robert Moats.
  • The justification is, as always, "if it saves one life." Then why don't they require all drivers to wear helmets and fireproof suits?
  • I must have awakened in Communist Russia. Is this Russia, Danny?
  • There were reports of "baseball" size hail in the metroplex last night. But with everyone and their dog having a camera phone, there's not one single picture? (Although there was some pretty good size ones.)
  • Fox 4 weatherman Dan Henry was acting a little like Pete "Run For Your Life" Delkus last night.
  • I think you guys lost your sense of humor yesterday.
  • Everyone is going Conficker crazy.
  • Someone at the Sheriff's Office says the rescue at Lake Bridgeport over the weekend also included someone clinging to a boat "for a few hours." How was this not huge news?
  • Of the three presumed drownings in the metroplex over the past week, I don't think they've found a single body yet.
  • Good grief, I just heard on the radio that a guy is now missing in Lake Lavon as of Monday night.
  • Another story that got little press: Crazy Mike Leach out at Texas Tech had one of his players study at a desk on the football field for an hour and half after practice. It was in the 30s with some snow flurries.
  • WBAP's Mark Davis (who is sounding a little crazy himself lately) plans on getting a colonoscopy and will "tweet" about it. Certainly, the apocalypse is upon us.
  • Some people are big chit-chatters. I'm not one of them.
  • A man from Newark was arrested for DWI on a motorized bar stool. Unfortunately, it wasn't our Newark. Although it certainly could have been. Edit: Photo!
  • I'm about a fifth of the way through A Confederacy of Dunces and I'm not sure what to think. There's some craziness in it.
  • The government honoring GM car warranties, in case the company fails, does not give me comfort.
  • Photo gallery of Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader tryouts.