Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Downtown Dallas always wants to be like downtown Fort Worth. That's kind of hard to pull off when people get shot while waiting for valet parking.
  • Sports no-shows on Sunday: The Dallas Mavericks, the Oklahoma Sooners, and whoever that guy was that Tiger Woods chased down.
  • I dropped by the new Eddie V's off 7th and University in Fort Worth on Friday night. Nice place.
  • Mark Cuban got fined $25,000 for criticizing an official on Twitter. He did it just so he could get in the news for being fined for using Twitter.
  • I looked up and saw a military fighter jet and what looked like an American Eagle plane get a little too close to each other yesterday. I thought about how I didn't have a camera.
  • I know the guy who is missing from his sailboat on Lake Lewisville.
  • There's also a body missing in Lake Grapevine. That would kind of make you hesitate before taking a boat out.
  • Then again, taking a boat out in this wind is insane. And not any fun.
  • And to think we all used to sit around the TV and watch Hee-Haw. Oh, my.
  • I'm not going near the NASCAR race this weekend, but I always want there to be good weather for all the folks that do.
  • "A Denton police officer was arrested Saturday morning after his boyfriend said the officer punched him in the face, a Denton County sheriff's spokesman said." They allow that in Denton? The gay thing, that is.
  • I like our ADA Kevin Henry but I think he's losing it over this "good vs. evil" thing.
  • I was watching some of Traffic over the weekend and thought I recognized some politicians in a party scene. Yep. Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch.
  • I'm sick of the Ryan Moats/Officer Powell story. Moats is supposed to be on Good Morning America this morning.