Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Another lawyer who has a blog (who actually blogs about legal stuff) receives a Wise County type of comment after he wrote about illegally excluding minorities from a jury panel.
  • Fox 4 had a story about a donkey basketball game in a northern state. Really? Let me introduce you to Chico and Boyd.
  • Lots of interesting comments below about the helicopter ambulance in Wise County. Such a service is critical in the metroplex but is it really needed often for a car wreck in Paradise?
  • I don't think I've seen a single bluebonnet.
  • Lots of drownings last week. Lots of high profile arrests yesterday: (1) in the murdered UNT linebacker drug deal gone bad case, (2) the 13 year old found dead in her bed in Arlington case, and (3) the horrific rape and set on fire case.
  • Seems like rotten weather this Spring due to most hated climate issue: Wind.
  • I always think the seasons should be capitalized, but I think I'm wrong about that.
  • Every big time business guy in the old movies had a bar in his office. I've never seen an actual bar in an office.
  • The Queen of England looks tiny next to the Obamas.
  • The movie The Queen was great, and I would have never predicted I would like it.
  • I wonder if NASCAR fans consider "Boogity. Boogity. Boogity. Let's go racin'" to be funny or a beat down? I vote beat down.
  • Lots of video footage yesterday of the riots at the G-20 summit. Video footage of a riot is normally entertaining. My eyes are always dancing all over the screen to see who is doing what to whom. And if you can get a little blood on your face, you're guaranteed to make the telecast.
  • "Prankster links sites in Collin County judge's name to gay website." Yeah, probably a bad prank, but it was a little tiresome that the judge decided to call the incident "the politics of personal destruction." That's the best ya got?
  • I'd like to see the process of my dress shirts being laundered at the cleaners.
  • The financial advise of "pay off your credit card debt first" seems to miss the point. I suspect most people with high credit card debt don't have the money to pay it off. That's why they ended up with high credit card bills in the first place.
  • Jarhead had a post yesterday about watching a lady go nuts in the Quizno's line because onions were placed on her sandwich against her wishes. How do people like that lady make it through life?