Animal Farm

I basically hate April Fools. I'm on guard about everything which is a real beating for a guy who is skeptical about everything to begin with. But I thought I'd do something a little bit different for today and shall digress from scantily clad women and move onto animals. (Keep your jokes to yourself.) Above I give you the newly born Elke the baby leaf monkey. Frankly, I didn't know there were leaf monkeys. Spider monkeys, yes. Leaf monkeys, no. But this little fella is cute enough to melt Jarhead's hard and bitter Republican heart. In any event, Elke hereby becomes the Official Monkey of Liberally Lean. Which got me to thinking, I probably need to adopt some other animals as well. A couple were easy. First, spaghetti cat is obviously the official cat. That thing is just weird, which makes him perfect. A close runner up was the Wise County cat that got its head stuck in a food can. (Actually, that was a pretty tough choice.) And, although I'm not sure I ever posted him, the sleep-walking dog has to be my official dog. (The last few seconds turn a funny video into a triple funny video.) Pig? No question. This pot bellied pig that was placed on my office desk one day. (Thanks, Amberly.) Baby Chicks? No question. These little things that were also placed on my desk. (Stop it, Amberly.) But that is as far as I got.