Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Haslet robber from yesterday was a cross dresser? Take a look at him/her. You'd think the alarm would go off just by him/her entering the building.
  • The legend of Scully grows. Did you hear the audio tape as he was about to land the plane in the Hudson? That man has nerves of steel (as do the air traffic controllers.)
  • There was truly no real news yesterday.
  • Daily WBAP Hal Jay cluelessness: He indicated this morning that he wanted to see wanted to see one of the Oscar nominated films this weekend. Then, in complete seriousness, he asked sports guy Steve Lamb, "Which one is the funniest?"
  • Holy cow: The lady that recently gave birth to eight babies (she's a single mom who already had six kids) has received $165,000 in disability payments from the government in the past years.
  • Some commenter complained about Fox News not being linked on the home page of WiseCounty.com. Sheesh. It's been there for years. I wonder if, as a Fox News fan, he only sees what he wants to see.
  • Unemployment news this morning: It's risen to 7.6% and it's only going to get worse.
  • The far right is now claiming that Obama is trying to govern by the "politics of fear." Pot, meet kettle.
  • I've been to political lately. I blame the Master Cleanse.
  • I stare at myself in the mirror sometimes and think about my life. (I originally wrote "and have a moment of reflection" but that would be a pun.)
  • The Texas Bar Journal always has a "short story" contest every summer. I'm thinking about sending in an entry. I'd make it a little dark.
  • Facebook has a crazy phenomenon going around which requires each person to share "25 Random Things About Themselves." I'd be scared to do that if I were honest. But I guess most people feel that way.
  • This is the time of year where I delve back into audiobooks. Sports talk radio is a little boring with nothing going on other than the NBA/NHL.