The Cleanse: Day 3

  • It's odd. The hunger pains (pangs?) were significantly less than days one and two.
  • That doesn't mean I'm not dying to eat something.
  • The Sonic "double melt sandwich" (or whatever it is) on TV is haunting me. Which is silly because I'd never eat one of those even if I wasn't on this program.
  • I traveled a few miles to buy "Grade B" maple syrup after I realized I had accidentally bought "Grade A" for my daily drink. (It looks thicker -- which is good.)
  • Drinking the one liter of salt water for the nightly "cleanse" is horrific. I'm researching some other alternative.
  • I've noticed some people are fascinated by this program and want to talk to me about it.
  • I'm really dreading the weekend.
  • I'm still have a bit of light headedness but it's combined with a little bit of motivation. (As I was walking out of work yesterday, I decided to watch one more DWI video.)
  • I had been getting sleepy around 8:30. That stopped last night.
  • And I got another taunting text message from Dallas: "Homemade mac and cheese with gruyere and pancetta."
  • This program takes insane will power. I wouldn't ridicule anyone that couldn't do it.
Mood: Settling In Feeling: Not Bad At All Weight Loss: -2 lbs