Caught This On HBO Over The Weekend

  • In case you didn't know, Haggard was the pastor of a Mega-Church in Colorado but resigned in disgrace after admitting to using meth and a male hooker.
  • I'm pretty sure either one alone would have cost him his job.
  • I started out really disliking the guy, but you could see his charisma.
  • And in a subtle way, it really takes a swipe at the former church. If any one body should be forgiving, it should be the Church. Instead, New Life Church agreed to pay him a year's salary if he would leave the State of Colorado for a year. Yep, he was banished by Christians.
  • During that year, he and his wife and two kid stayed in a variety of cheap hotels and with people who cared enough to take him in for a while. He didn't sell his home in Colorado -- once the year was over, he just returned back to it.
  • During the year in exile, he tried to sell insurance. Very unsuccessfully.
  • He has the greatest wife ever.
  • It was interesting to see him read parts of the Bible that deal with compassion and forgiveness. Interestingly, and I paraphrase, he said, "I read the Bible with a very different perspective now."
  • The documentary pulled up a video from a sermon about ten years ago where he claimed to have caught a church member coming out of a gay bar in the middle of the day.
  • There was also a scene of the faces of the congregation as his resignation letter was read. The senior citizens in tears was truly heart-breaking.
  • The website for the documentary which doesn't run over 40 minutes.