Oh, My

Star-Telegram story. The Update has a few photos (scroll down). Edit: From Fox 4: "Investigators believe Robles cut his leg on the fence and died from blood loss. A medical examiner will determine his exact cause of death." Edit: CBS 11 has a new video up. And the station's written account has this:

When a CBS 11 News crew went to gather information they encountered two people claiming to be brothers of the dead 15-year-old. Unprovoked, they yelled obscenities while walking into one homeowner's yard, across the street from where Rowdy Slade Robles body was found. "My f%/k#@* brother is over there laying on the f&%k#@ ground dead," the two brothers yelled.

The homeowner said the treats [sic] against him were unnerving. "He was threatening to beat us and punch us," the man explained. "It was a little frightening."