The Cleansing: Day #1

  • This was rougher than I thought it was. I was starving. But all those that have done the program before says the first day is the hardest. Lordy, I hope they are right.
  • I had to go buy the ingredients of sea salt, natural maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, but I got lucky when I ducked into Central Market off of Hulen in Fort Worth and found them all.
  • That's the first time I had ever been in that grocery store. High tone. Lots of hot mommas with very well behaved kids.
  • And that place is expensive.
  • My daily drink of two quarts of water flavored with 14 tablespoons of maple syrup, 14 tablespoons of pure lemon juice, and a one tablespoon of cayenne pepper is pretty good.
  • I refuse to talk much about the "cleansing" aspect of the program, but I did drink one quart of water combined with one tablespoon of natural sea salt. It was awful. And the results were mild. All I'm saying.
  • I don't know if had anything to do with the program, but I became exhausted last night at 8:30. At least I got a long night's sleep.
  • I'm not doing this as a diet, I'm using for cleaning purposes. I know at least three people personally that have done it and loved it.
  • Yeah, I know diet and exercise are the way to maintain weight. I've done that for 13 years.
  • And, yeah, I've received a ton of emails telling me I am out of my mind.
Mood: Apprehensive. Feeling: A little tired. Weight Loss: 0 pounds.