The Cleansing: Day 4

  • This experiment has taken an interesting twist: I felt fine yesterday for the first time since I began this silly program. There were very few hunger pains despite not having a bite of solid food in four days.
  • The first two days, upon reflection, were very hard. Almost like the initial feelings of weakness when the flu is coming on.
  • But I felt good enough yesterday, and had enough energy, to jog.
  • I bought some of that "special tea" to help the cleaning process. (I finally had to break down and ask the clerk where it could be located. Ugh.)
  • While waiting to check out with the tea, I saw the "The Master Cleanser" book. Unfortunetaly, right beside it was the book by known scam artist Kevin Trudeau. (Pic above.)
  • And I continued to drink the salt water at night which gave rise to this realization: The tea serves to aid the cleansing process by, uh, loosening things up.
  • And, although I'll keep most of this to myself, the cleansing process (which is supposed to remove gunk that has built up in your system for years) has become fascinating.
  • This is not supposed to be about weight loss, but I'm very surprised about how little weight I've lost. But I've always been that way. Diet for three weeks and see little result only to have the weight come off the following week.
  • And my Dallas nemesis sent yet another text last night: ""Grilled flank steak with cheese filled bacon wrapped in jalapenos." (These are coming from girl who is skinny as a rail, by the way.)
Mood: Optimistic Feeling: About 90% of normal Weight loss: 3 lbs (OK, I dropped the "-" sign to be technically correct)