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Random Hurricane Thoughts

  • I'd forgotten what a goof ball the mayor of New Orleans is. And I didn't know he was still there
  • I promise I saw Pete Delkus on Friday night project landfall of this new one on Thursday at 7:00 a.m. (I know, like all local weather guys, he's just reading off the press release of the National Hurricane Center but I can't believe that was the correct information.)
  • What's up with these crazy Hurricane names? Gustav? We can't even protect our weather borders anymore.
  • The press loves a hurricane. I think it's the "anticipation factor." (One of the funniest, but truest, lines from a Simpsons episode was uttered by a guy Marge was about to - but didn't - cheat with, "Better than the moment. Better than the memory. The moment of . . . Anticipation!")
  • I finally finished the Scott McClellan's book, What Happened, and he called the above photo of Bush doing a flyover of New Orleans after Katrina on of his "worst political blunders" because he appeared detached and uncaring. I've never thought that at all. (And that book was nothing more than a rehashing of old headlines - no inside info whatsoever.)
  • Now this photo, that was different.