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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Limited interest that I found interesting: A Fort Worth lawyer goes off on a bonding company.
  • I heard a term on the radio yesterday that I hadn't heard since I was a kid playing back yard baseball: Ghost Runner.
  • The reason everyone should vote against the Republicans: The convention ended last night with, "Ladies and gentleman. Tonight's entertainment. Musicians Gretchen Wilson. John Rich [of Big and Rich], and Cowboy Troy." I had the life force sucked out of me.
  • There is a Cultural Divide in this country unlike anything I've ever seen. And it will only get worse.
  • They moved the Morning News and Star Telegram news racks across from the Messenger building to a new location about fifty feet away. And the guy in charge of stocking the Morning News still hasn't figured out that an empty rack at the end of the day means he didn't put enough papers in there.
  • I wonder if anyone ever goes into the Decatur Visitor's Center (in the old post office building)?
  • New Jessica Simpson "Hey, now."
  • The home invasion robbery in Blue Mound that left one of the invaders dead was just crazy. My "there has to be some back story to this" radar went off, but I think it is what it is.
  • The NFL opens tonight - the same night that McCain gives his acceptance speech. Who was in charge of that planning?
  • I like watching Scarlett Johansson in films, but the only thing she appears in these days are movies made for the wine and cheese crowd at the Magnolia.
  • Independence Day is an awful movie. (Very random thought.)
  • BMX rider face plant.
  • Somebody needs to do something about the red light at FM 51 and Preskitt Road in Decatur. Nothing drives me more crazy than a light that turns red when there is no cross traffic.
  • And there's a camera on top of that red light. What's that for? Is there some "command center" underneath Decatur that I don't know about?
  • I don't know why I watched the whole 7 minute speech of Sarah Palin speaking to her hometown church before she was the VP nominee, but I did. That's like something you would hear in any protestant church in Wise County.
  • Palin's got a slight Fargo accent.
  • Dang it, I'm getting political again: For all of you that go goo goo over Palin, you can't criticize those that go goo goo over Obama. Both individuals have thin resumes but have millions of people that simply believe in them.
  • Didn't watch the final episode of Hard Knocks last night. The first episode started out great but it went downhill after that.
  • After last year's Fantasy Football draft, I took a picture of a dead snake that our County Attorney had killed on his own property that ended up being (and I'm not making this up) some kind of protected serpent. After I posted the pic, somebody called the Game Warden, and the CA ended up paying a $500 fine. I get reminded of that incident. Often.


Anonymous said...

i know this is off the subject barry but the post you made with the picture of the new "HOT" principal in decatur doing the Heisman pose, and everyone thought it was improper, why hasnt anyone been complaining about the pic on the front of the All Around Decatur section of the Decatur Messenger??

Anonymous said...

I thought there is supposed to be a dress code at school. Apparently, Decatur HS doesn't think so. I for one thought the picture was very improper. Nothing amazes me about Decatur, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin makes Barack Obama look like prissy girlie man!

And as for the cultural divide......bring it on......I'm prepared to fight those on the other side via hand to hand combat to win this culture war!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The camera on top of the traffic light is to let it know there is a car there. It replaces the sensor pads that used to be burried in the road. That way they don't have to dig up the street everytime there is a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

If indeed there are "thin" resumes, it would be nice if were were intelligent enough to go with it at the Vice President position rather than the President. Even at that it is obvious that Obama pales in comparison to Palin.

A Frequent Reader said...

You are, of course, correct in your assertion that Obama's and Palin's resumes are thin. Thin as they are, it is easy and appropriate to compare what's in them. Barry, may I assume you would still agree with the "goo goo" statement if the order of the names were reversed?
It is appropriate to compare the resumes of Obama and McCain, since that is the choice we have for the office of POTUS.
I learned something new in Fred Thompson's speech Tues. night, and I hope it's true, that is, that in McCain's long career in the senate, he has never attached pork to a bill. I assumed that they all did it, even the ones that say they are opposed to that practice. I am a BIG FAN of not funding our government programs with "earmarks".
Thinking of issues deserving all caps, have you noticed the BIG difference in the manner in which CNN has covered the two conventions? For the R's they are providing a panel of commentators, liberally inclined with one token conservative, and their commentary is replacing some of the speeches and videos offered by the R's. Following two of the speeches Tues. night (I believe but not certain, President Bush's and Fred Thompson's), they broadcast a counterpoint-type speech, harshly contentious, by, I forget her name, the former head of Gore's campaign. CNN did not do that during the D's convention.

Anonymous said...

"...somebody called the Game Warden, and the CA ended up paying a $500 fine. I get reminded of that incident. Often."
Do you remind the CA that he broke the law whenever he reminds you of it?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that sensor there to detect emergency vehicles coming? Just in case someone has their radio turned so loud they don't hear the sirens and get slammed by a firetruck barreling through the intersection? Just a thought from my EMS days.

On another note, sorry to hear about the snake. That's to bad.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if anyone ever goes into the Decatur Visitor's Center (in the old post office building)?"
Naw, I'm thinking more visitors go into the Vision Center at Walmart

Anonymous said...

If they didn't have them before last night, after Palin spoke, most liberals will now have hemmoroids and should be very concerned about the Obama ticket. I predict that McCain/Palin will walk away with this election, and we could have heard the first major, national, speech from the first female POTUS, at sometime in the future!! The lady was/is dynamite and will do what she says!! Unlike Obama, she has a track record of doing something in government!

BTW BG, Independence Day was a great SciFi movie!

Anonymous said...

The folks in Blue Mound who blasted the dudes that broke into their house? Enough to warm the hearts of the most jaded observer.

Imagine the surprise of the one who died. One minute your robbing people with your boyfriend the next your burning in Hell- priceless.


Anonymous said...

You might as well get your heads wrapped around this one. One way or another Sarah Palin will at some point be your president.

God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just not ready to turn the office of the Presidency of the United States over to the PTA. McCain's decision to place this woman a heartbeat away may jazz a lot of our incredibly shallow voters enough to win him the election; but Good Grief, haven't we had ENOUGH of this?? We've suffered 8 years under Bush, who mostly won because folks thought he'd be great to have a beer with. Now we're going to vote for McCain because we'd either (a) like his Veep to coach our kid's hockey team, or (b) want a date with her.

She seems like a very nice lady. I imagine she's a good mother. But I have no reason to believe she understands how to run our country any more than W did, before he placed the crown on his head and proceeded to obliterate our privacy, our security, and the budget, while mouthing conservative platitudes.

So, sorry, I will cast my own vote elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Friends in Montana that raise sheep and cattle use the three S's dealing with the reintroduction of the timber wolfe. This method would probably be good advice for the CA and snakes.
But be careful he might use it on friends that post pictures on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Can you people not get off BUSH? He is NOT in this election! McCain is his own man, not a Bush clone.

Anonymous said...

10:13, we'll get off Bush when all you Republicans admit that he's been a horrible President. The Worst, ever.

wordkyle said...

1001 - Posts like yours are what keep me coming back. You minimize Palin's experience as though being the governor of a state were no big deal. Look to thine own candidate before you diminish others. Obama has the most non-achievement record of any candidate -- and he's at the top of the Democrat ticket.

Next, please give examples of how Bush has "obliterated" privacy, security, etc. You may feel as though you don't need to prove your accusations, but they are repeated so commonly by Bush-haters without evidence that they no longer carry weight. I'm sure you don't want to leave the impression that you are mindlessly mouthing deceptive Democrat talking points.

If Liberals were not so given to overstatement, deception and outright lies, y'all would never hear from me. I only respond to provide balance and accuracy to the debate (and that includes our esteemed host's abuse of his bully pulpit.)

You bring it on yourself.

Anonymous said...

1. McCain/Palin win the election.
2. McCain dies in office.
3. Palin becomes 1st female President.

That outta frost Hillary's ass!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a bit of a quandary.

I'm opposed to the death penalty but, when rioters start destroying government property as long as there is video evidence collected I think snipers should kill them on the spot.

I can't talk myself out of this one, it's probably best for our society and the right thing to do but, it seems contradictory.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the "Decatur Messenger" before or the "All Around Decatur Section". However I have heard of "The Wise County Messenger Newspaper" and the "All Around Wise Section"..........B#T@H!

Anonymous said...

Wordy, Wordy, Wordy ...


Privacy? Not much after the Patriot Act (originally rightly opposed by many Republicans), wiretapping, etc.

Security? Our military has been stretched and bled to exhaustion in Iraq, to the point where we are now - until we can rest and rebuild - a paper tiger. Witness Russia's lack of concern for repercussions when they invaded Georgia.

The budget? - speaks for itself. 8years of crippling deficit spending.

Why do you even pretend these are groundless accusations? YOUR position - I thought - is that these actions were all somehow "worth it"; NOT that "they didn't happen".

Anonymous said...

Let me say this ONE MORE TIME, Barack (Hussein) Obama will not be the next President of any country.

Anonymous said...

Hey get off Bush...that's funny...hey said Bush...fake Doyle King

Anonymous said...

"{Security? Our military has been stretched and bled to exhaustion in Iraq, to the point where we are now - until we can rest and rebuild - a paper tiger. Witness Russia's lack of concern for repercussions when they invaded Georgia"

You are high, whoever you are and have no idea what you are talking about.

wordkyle said...

150 - (sigh) (sigh)

What of your privacy has been sacrificed because of the Patriot Act? I personally have not lost a bit of privacy, and neither has anyone I know. Any anecdotal evidence you want to provide?

Wiretapping? Who's been wiretapped? Terrorists? Criminals? Really, who? Do you think American society is lost because law enforcement agencies want to wiretap potential terrorists before they actually attack? Or do you feel -- as Bill Clinton did -- that the judicial system is appropriate for them, after they attack?

I agree with you on government debt. Bush and Congressional Republicans have been roundly punished by everyone, including Republican voters. Have Democrat voters ever done the same?

Security? When was the last terrorist attack on American soil? Seven years ago, months after Clinton left office after spending his entire time ignoring terrorism ("Laissez les bon temps roulez!") America is infinitely more secure now than it was when Bush took office. You don't get much less secure than a friggin' terrorist attack that Clinton could have prevented.

Your attempt at revisionist history is the kind of thing that motivates me to knock down Liberal screeching. Saul Alinsky, the philosophical radical mentor to Hillary and Obama, recommended that [Liberals] avoid the truth, and even lie when necessary to accomplish your goals. You guys follow his advice to the letter.

Anonymous said...

A reminder to wordkyle:
George W.Bush (the name not spoken even once by the 4 speakers last night) has operated above the law for most of 8 years. He claims "executive privilege" to frustrate the legal process. He approved of torture against our laws. He approved of warrantless wire taps and avoided using the FISA court.

And most importantly - he fabricated reasons to go to war with Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq had no WMD. Iraq was not an imminent threat to the USA. He and his supporters - Cheney and Rice lied us into an unnecessary war that has cost us 4,000 American lives, 100,000 Iraqi lives and countless more badly injured soldiers and civilians. It's also cost us over 1 TRILLION dollars.

Meanwhile, the actual perpetrator of the 9/11 attack, Osama bin Laden is still free. The Taliban is gaining strength in Afghanistan. But all you want to talk about is how great this administration has been. And McSame promises more of the same!

Anonymous said...

Good words 5:41 - and Wordkyle needs to listen to them, if he can put himself aside long enough to do it.

Yes, why aren't more Americans asking, "where is Osama"?

Where did that issue go?

Will it surface in the debates?

wordkyle said...

648 & 541 - Let's try this...Osama bin Laden (once in the custody of Sudan and offered to Clinton, who refused to take him) likely hides in a cave in Pakistan, which Barack Obama once said the US should attack if need be (anyone remember that?) Osama, while a target, is simply one part of the war on Islamic terrorism, just as Iraq is.

If you guys would quit repeating lies, I'd quit citing the same facts:
1) There is no evidence Bush "fabricated" anything to justify the invasion of Iraq.
2) Everyone in the world -- Democrats, Clinton, United Nations, everyone in 2003 -- believed Iraq had WMD. Saddam had multiple chances to avoid an attack, but believed the US to be a paper tiger, thanks to the Clinton administration's non-response to previous terrorist attacks. Months of diplomatic efforts by the Bush administration were ignored.
3) Iraq had ties to terrorism, which has been proven, but Bush did not say that Iraq was responsible for 9/11. However, a Saddam Hussein still in power would make it much, much easier for terrorists to attack the US again -- which has not happened.

We can second-guess Bush's decisions forever and not hit the truth. What we do know, however, is that Clinton's non-action throughout his time in office created the conditions that led to the 9/11 attacks. To repeat a point I've made previously: On 9/12/2001, no one in America would have believed that we could go seven years without another terrorist attack. You can thank George W. Bush for that achievement.

Anonymous said...

648 WHERE INDEED IS OSAMA..?? Can you imagine trying to find a mexican hiding out in south texas where 100's, maybe 1000's of people who worship him were willing to hid him out from authorities...that's in our own country and it might be an impossible try to imagine OBL being hidden out in foreign countries in caves in mountains very difficult for our special forces to negotiate and locate him...these islamic fanatics think him god-like..whatever you may think, never think for an instant that W isn't using every resource at his disposal to get him...

Anonymous said...

He killed a snake in the grass?

What, couldn't handle the cometition?

Anonymous said...

wordkyle continues to repeat falsehoods as fact. Please reference the many many references Bush made about Hussein’s WMD, his association with al Qaeda and the imminent thereat he posed to the USA - even tho the 9/11 Commission’s and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s reports found otherwise. The CIA's pre-war NIE contained many references to Iraq - but contained the words "may" or "might" etc but those kind of words were edited out of the unclassified version to make it appear that the Intelligence community believed Iraq was an "imminent" threat - which the CIA NEVER stated. There were, in fact many, dissenters – they were just ignored. There is now so much documentation on these facts it is amazing that wordkyle remains completely ignorant of this reality. I repeat - Bush intentionally lied us into the war in Iraq.

Oh, by the way, Clinton had a capture or kill order out on bin Laden since 1998. Clinton also sent some 60 Tomahawk missiles into Afghanistan in an attempt to kill him. Clinton admits to failing to get bin Laden - but he claims that "at least I tried."

If wordkyle still believes the Sudan stories, maybe that's why he hasn't actually researched the factual information. Risking being called a name-caller, I think wordkyle is a pathetic apologist.

wordkyle said...

Okay, here we go:

1) Take the October 2002 NIE. If Bush had assumed -- as it is so easy to do now, with five years worth of hindsight -- that Iraq had no WMD, he would have gone against the conclusion of the very report that he counted on for that information.

Everyone was apparently wrong about it, but being wrong does not make Bush, or anyone else, a liar.

2) Clinton refused to take bin Laden from Sudan. Hear him say as much himself.

The 9/11 Commission, with all its flaws, still cited four times in 1998 and 1999 that the Clinton administration could have caught or killed bin Laden, but didn't.

The 9/11 Commission also reported that even after the attack on the USS Cole, "military alternatives remained unappealing" to the Clinton administration, and that "Bin Ladin's inference may well have been that attacks, at least at the level of the Cole, were risk-free."

Tell us again what you know about factual information. Clinton saying the words himself don't seem to make an impression on you. Look in your mirror for the pathetic apologist.

My previous points stand.

Anonymous said...

I like the black headed one.

Anonymous said...

As usual wordkyle is right

Anonymous said...

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