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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I had the worst nightmare last night about the murder of someone from my past. (Complete with being told by law enforcement that the body had been found in a town in West Texas.) Then I'd wake up, realize it was a dream, go back to sleep, and have the dream start right back up again where it left off. It was maddening.
  • I actually feel like calling that person up and saying, "you may be in danger." But I don't believe in stuff like that.
  • Quick, try and recognize this guy from a 1990s TV show.
  • McCain had what seemed like two speeches last night. He started off slow and boring, but did a pretty good job on the back half.
  • With both conventions over with, at least we can stop hearing empty promises for Democrats and Republicans.
  • I'm not sure what is up with protesters, but some chunky lady last night was able to avoid capture for about 30 seconds by simply walking down the steps.
  • You don't see it very often, but a 23 year old was given probation from a jury yesterday in an Intoxication Manslaughter case in Fort Worth. The defense lawyer was Jeffrey Boncek - I don't think I've ever heard of him
  • But get this from the victim's father who addressed the defendant in the post-verdict victim impact statement: "Cullens’ father, Philip Cullens, was even harsher, telling Parks he hopes he becomes depressed, starts taking drugs and has his probation revoked so he will be sent to prison. 'You’ll rue the day you killed my son, he said."
  • I'm getting the urge to drive across America
  • I've never logged on to Facebook and visit MySpace maybe twice a year.
  • Google has a new browser, a "docs" site (with a word processor, spreadsheet, and power point equivalent), gMail, and an RSS reader that is second to none. I wonder if there will come a day where we don't buy software packages but simply use applications that are online?
  • The Ticket was talking this morning about how beautiful the Cedar Hill area was. They mentioned some pretty big elevation changes in that area south of the metroplex. I had no idea. (I guess I might want to learn the metroplex before I drive across the country.)
  • Man, the voter turnout in November is going to be phenomanal. Both sides are fired up.
  • But local politics here in Wise County is boring. It's kind of sad that everything was determined back in March.
  • I had a client the other day who had a prior conviction for something back in 1991. We both remarked about how long ago 1991 was.
  • Saw "Senior 2009" written on a back windshield in Decatur yesterday. Oh, my.
  • Speaking of shoe polish writing, I saw a giggly young couple go into a convenience store last Saturday, buy shoe polish, scribble something (with much care) on their back windshield, and drive off hurriedly down the highway. I had to get a look. "Just Engaged," it read.
And a big finish. The most awkward moment from last night's speech by McCain: I fight for you. I fight for Bill and Sue Nebe from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who lost -- [huge cheers from the Michigan delegation because Michigan was mentioned] -- they lost their real estate investments in the bad housing market. I fight for Jake and Toni Wimmer of Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Jake -- [huge cheers from Pennsylvania delegation because Pennyslvania was mentioned] -- Jake works on a loading dock, coaches Little League, and raises money for the mentally and physically disabled . . . . I fight for the family of Matthew Stanley of Wolfboro, New Hampshire. [huge cheers from New Hampshire delegation because New Hampshire was mentioned.] Matthew died serving our country in Iraq. [Insert awkward quietness from the no longer cheering New Hampshire delegation]


Anonymous said...

Is is Jason Priestley?

I looks like Bill Bixby.......but he dead!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the liberal media won’t ask Obama why he’s friends with William Ayres, who tried to kill police officers and blow up the Capitol building?

But......they say Sarah Palin's pregnant 17-year-old daughter is fair game??????

Anonymous said...

As far as politics in Wise County...I hear we have a write-in candidate for DA. Should be seeing some action soon!

Anonymous said...

"With both conventions over with, at least we can stop hearing empty promises for Democrats and Republicans."
Are you being facetious, cheeky monkey?!

"I'm not sure what is up with protesters, but some chunky lady last night was able to avoid capture for about 30 seconds by simply walking down the steps."
I didn't see that part, but I thought it was classless of the production crew to keep cutting to the protesters while McCain was speaking. Great line from him, though: "Ignore the ground noise and static." Good advice when dealing with boorish contrarians.
I'm just sayin'
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

The PRIMARY election in Wise County in March was important ONLY IF you were running as a Republican candidate in the primaries. Which Republican candidate would run in the general election, in which race, was what was decided. Now, the REAL race, the meaningful race,in the general election for county offices starts for D.A., County Commissioner in Precincts #1 and #3 and Constable in Precincts #1 and #3 will start. Not near as exciting as the POTUS race, but I don't think it will be as dull as you seem to think and I think changes, they are a comin'!

Anonymous said...

Jason Priestley

Anonymous said...

Not sure about Republicans being fired up - it seemed like there were a lot of people sitting on their hands when they panned the crowd. Don't think they liked being told they were part of the problem.

And I don't understand the William Ayers fasination. Yeah he advocated some bad stuff back in the '60's. If you didn't live through the 60s it would be really hard to explain it to you. Don't know if he was ever convicted of anything but don't think he or his wife have been arrested or convicted of anything in the last 30 or 40 years and people mostly tend to mellow out as they get older. Give it up.

Anonymous said...

WOW 9:44!!

If your thinking in your second paragraph holds true, then I suppose that in 30-40 years Bin Laden should be a college professor in one of our universities, active in local civic matters, influencing our young college students, and we should all just forgive what he did and chalk it up to "youthful pranks". GET REAL!! Oh, and I lived through the 60s too. He and his group were called terrorists then for good reason. Since he's non repentant about the bombings he and his group did, most with any intelligence figure he still is. YOU give it up!!

wordkyle said...

There's a vivid illustration of Obama's influences here. Geez, they don't even bother trying to hide it anymore.

The Ayers connection is apparently something Obama's afraid of -- he keeps minimizing their relationship, although he and Ayers served together on the board of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge and Obama's first political fundraiser was in the Ayers home.

Anonymous said...

I am going to the Walker wedding. I hear rumor that the Governor is coming in to Decatur airport at 6:30 tomorrow night....then be taken with security to the Decatur Civic Center!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice she has her hand backwards and not over her heart.....

Anonymous said...

Brandon Walsh

Anonymous said...

wordy, you can't be serious about the Obama posters. Some artist uses a style for a poster and you think it means Obama is a commie? I've seen that artistic style used on many posters, some political, some to advertise concerts and some to sell products. This sort of silliness is why you have lost all credibility.

Remote Controller said...

About the Google CHROME browser:

Here is section 11.1 of the EULA:

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.

Do you agree to this?

wordkyle said...

1139 - If the similarities were confined to the artwork, you might have a point.

However, there's also Obama's Communist mentor when he was young, Frank Marshall Davis.

There's Obama's support of Socialist Raila Odinga in Kenyan politics.

There's Obama's relationship with William Ayers, who in 1995 described himself as "a radical, a leftist, and a communist." (Note: Obama was 32 years old, not 8, when he visitied the Ayers home.)

Now Obama has introduced S.2433, which would take additional money from Americans and hand it over to the UN for redistribution among other countries. This redistribution -- Obama's legislation -- is classic communism/socialism in action.

Obama's primary mentors, cronies and comrades have been Marxists, socialists, communists and radicals, and their influence is apparent in his legislation. He's made no secret of his goals and vision of the world.

It ain't just the picture, pal.

M-M said...

I am so glad both conventions are over and I'm really glad we only have two more long months of this election. It seems like it been going on for an eternity.

That probation just doesn't seem like enough for killing somebody.

Barry, is your urge to drive across America, similar to Forrest Gumps' urge to run across America? Relationship problems?

Denney Crane said...

You neglected to mention the 5 months in Tarrant County jail that was attached to that probation.

Tarrant County jail will be no cakewalk for that white boy.

Anonymous said...

The afromentioned posters aren't from Obamas campaign- they are from an art contest sponsored by

(I thought the slip was funny so i left it)

AnObiter said...

"Awkward quietness" = respectful silence.

wordkyle said...

114 - The posters are being sold at the Obama campaign's online store.

Anonymous said...

To get the name for the pic, all you had to do was click on it. The name was in the URL.


Huh? Her hand looks okay to me and it’s over the part of her body where the heart is normally located.

I think you are assuming she may be standing for the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner, and for that, we have no proof.

Double Fake Perry Mason

Anonymous said...

Thanks wordy, I knew you'd straighten that out if I just baited you a little.

wordkyle said...

Always happy to help those less fortunate than me.

Off-topic: I wonder how long before an interviewer decides to quiz Palin on arcane trivia? "Who's the opposition leader to the Mxyzptlk party in Upper Slobbovistan?"

Her failure to score 100% will of course be used as "proof" of something. Maybe they should give all the candidates identical tests....

Anonymous said...

Addendum to my 8:52 post:
"Ignore the ground noise and static." I wasn't exactly sure what he said at first, so I backed it up and put it on mute for closed-captioning (Tivo is a great invention!). It confirmed what I thought I heard. However, in the paper today it quoted him as saying: " CROWD noise and static". Now I'm not sure what ground noise is (possibly a pilots' term?), but why would he tell the crowd to ignore the crowd noise? Or was that comment for the TV audience? Just wondering

And 1:38 - I agree, no way of knowing what is happening during that pic. Take a look at the people in the background. If she is guilty of being disrespectful during the Pledge or national anthem, so are lots of others. (If I had those things on my chest, I would have my hands there as much as possible. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more. Bob's your uncle)

Anonymous said...

apparantly she was from pink. and got in with press creditials from msnbc.

not confirmed though. might be worth checking out for you libs that dont have jobs.

like McCain, i thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of money, good deeds and intouchiness.

How much good in the world could have been done with the 500,000 dollars Obama spent just refurbishing his 757?

How many of you have a 757 at your disposal?

Even McCain only has a 737.


Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn about a stupid real estate investor who probably over spent and now expects a bailout. How could he even put them in the same speech as someone who lost their son serving our country. What him and his family! Money is nothing compared to a child.

Anonymous said...

As for your dream, I think dreams usually represent some other concept. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, though, because I think I might be clairvoyant. I've always had "good intuition" but I'm beginning to be able to read things about people that I wish I didn't...especially in the last couple of years. I've had several incidents when I've just picked up on things like abuse, cheating, etc. and with random people that I know and the few that I've actually, akward as it is, confirmed what I could feel. It's not just people I know might be someone I walk past in the supermarket. There was a woman at Sam's the other day...I could feel that her husband beats her. There is a grandfather in my neighborhood that I think is a molester. What does a person do that thinks he/she might be clairvoyant? I don't even want to tell my spouse.

onmyway311 said...

"Senior 2009"... my 10 year high school reunion is next weekend. I can't wait but it just doesn't seem possible.

Anonymous said...

With the half a million Obammy spent on his plane, you would think that they could have put the American flag on it.

Anonymous said...

8:52, that was probably a paid protester by the RNC so McCain could respond like that. Republicans are a bunch of classless snakes in the weeds. Get real.

Anonymous said...

I hate hypocracy and obfuscation as much as any two things in this world. If people would be honest about their agendas and then try to win you iver based on the facts the world would be a better place.
For instance, instead of trying to cover up what a liberal you are, state you are a liberal without any reservation and then explain why that's the thing to be.
Instead of obscuring the abortion issue with imbicilic smokescreens like choice and reproductive rights call it what it is and say,"I support a womens right to kill her unborn baby on demand" and then explain why and whatever qualifications should be assigned to the issue.

Anonymous said...

9:20 - let me suggest that it's the woman's body. It's her right to control its functions. If she becomes pregnant - for any reason - it is her right to continue or terminate that pregnancy. Hers alone. Not your choice or mine - just hers. If she chooses to deliver the baby and give it up for adoption - again it is her choice. However, if she delivers the child and abuses it, it becomes society's responsibility to step in and protect the young child. That's my opinion.