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Eight Years Ago


Anonymous said...

Everbody who wants a negroid rug weavin rag headed named guy for a president raise your hands.

I just want to see how many retards we have in the house.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we have the Honorable Barry Green to show us that there are racisits out there.

Now, maybe he'll post some more pictures of girls who are less than perfect so we can make fun of them without any feelings of guilt at all.

Heck, juxtapose the racist comments with the "fat girl" pictures-then we can feel all self-righteous slamming the biogots and have a good time making fun of the fat girls at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Ok we have one so far.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 1:04, I am 12:26, and I have voted Republican in every presidential election since Carter defeated Ford (the first year I could vote.)

I resent a guy like BG who wants to point out racism by posting racist comments, but never says what it is he's trying to do when he posts photos of chunky girls and allows those "funny" comments. I will simply have to guess at his point. Here's my guess:

BG thinks that racists are bad, ignorant people. He thinks fat girls deserve to have people make fun of them. After all, it's their choice to be fat.

Anonymous said...

It isn't fat girls who are going to run this country into the ground.

It's a man who has a mixed up childhood,who wasn't raised by traditional American beliefs,values or morals. It's about a man who doesn't have a clue as to how he is going to solve any world problem but will stand there and spew all these carefully scripted statements saying he can.

He a salesman selling himself in order to enjoy all the power,fame,wealth,services,benefits and privileges the office will afford he and his family from now on and all at the cost of you and me all the while not doing one damn thing any of the rest haven't done over the years.

The name Barack Hussein Obama belongs on the wall of some mosque in some third world country and not in the American history books as another failed political liar looking for a place in history here in America.

I truly believe he will not be the next president.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Pete Delkus in Baton Rouge reporting on Gustav. He didn't have his sleeves rolled up so it probably won't be a strong hurricane.

Anonymous said...

What is te purpose of posting this video?

Is this what the libs are using to counter-act Hussein's racial comments?

I this what you are throwing out there?

You better dig a little deeper, my man.

Anonymous said...

Fact check on Palin's claim:

When Palin says “I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on that bridge to nowhere,” it implies Congress said, “Here’s a check for that bridge” and she responded, “No thanks, that’s wasteful spending; here’s your money back.”

That's not what happened. Fact is, Alaska took the bridge money, and then just spent it on other projects. Palin did make the final call to kill plans for the bridge, but by the time she did it was no longer a politically viable project.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put in sources for Fact check - politifact - for Palin's claim about bridge to nowhere.


New York Times, "Alaskan Bridge Projects Resist Earmarks Purge" by William Yardley, March 6, 2007
Parade Magazine, "Are Your Tax Dollars Being Wasted?" State of Alaska, Office of the Governor, "Press Release: Gravina Access Project Redirected" Sept. 21, 2007

CNN, "'Bridge to nowhere' abandoned" Sept. 22, 2007

ABC News, "The End of the Bridge to Nowhere" by John Cochran, Sept. 21, 2007

Congressional Quarterly, "Earmarks for Bridges Likely to be Deleted But Alaska to retain the Funds Anyway" by Kathryn A. Wolfe, Nov. 16, 2005

Interview with Keith Ashdown of Taxpayers for Common Sense, Aug. 29, 2008

Interview with Lois Epstein, director of the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, Aug. 29, 2008

Anonymous said...

Just watched some "low income" (as the reporter put it)evacuees getting on buses down in LA. Everyone of them had on some sort of sports jersey, corn rows with beads hanging down, and one of them , as they were putting their luggage on the bus, had a crate full of pit bull puppies. Please let that bus stop before it gets to the metroplex.

Anonymous said...

These two candidates will say anything and everything to get our vote. And neither of them KNOW what the Presidency is going to be until they get in there, roll up their sleeves on behalf of the American people, work with congress and the senate and do a lot of praying that God will help them do a good job.

Anonymous said...

12:36 and 2:09 - I, too dislike Barry's posts of scantily clad women and occasional digs at fat people, but this IS his blog. Nobody is twisting our arms to come on here, look at those photos and/or post comments about them.

Frankly, I appreciate Barry having the courage to post things that are critical of him. He could delete them if he chose.

This is one of the best blogs around because Barry is creative.

Thanks BG!!

Anonymous said...

940 sorry my friend, you may well be right..but the world has already changed and at least 50% of our population will vote for the liberal point of view without consideration for national security, it's really more about.."ask not what i can do for my country, but what can my country do for me"..!!

Anonymous said...

We have relatives that live in Anchorage and have lived there for quite a number of years. They absolutely love Sarah Palin as Gov. of their state. The lady has guts and isn't afraid to take on established party politics, no matter what party it is, including her own, if there is corruption going on. Gee!! Sure wish we had someone in the lower 48 like that! Dems or Repubs, it really doesn't matter. Give any of them too much power for too long and that breeds corruption and arrogance on their part.

Anonymous said...

1:34 - I absolutely agree with your last sentence.

George W. Bush was a pretty good Texas governor - much better than the one we have now, in my opinion, but when he got to Washington, the job just ate the man alive. Though I personally don't think he is (that) corrupt, I do think he is arrogant.

That is what power did for him.

Anonymous said...

W is not corrupt, but he was arrogant even before becoming what..!!! I think Bill and Hillary are corrupt and what difference do you think any of that bullshit is going to make for working taxpayers..??

Anonymous said...

The Texas governor's job is ceremonial. Speaker of House runs Texas. Just as Bush's job with the Rangers was on the family name.

Chaney has been president for the last 8 years.

The job didn't change George!!!!!
What you see is what we got both as governor and as president.

Poor George is probably working at maximun. The fault is Chaney's. He just isn't a very good ventriquilist.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if'n big dick was huntin in the wc today.. i heard on the scanner some guy got shot in a huntin accident..???

Anonymous said...

Oh pray tell Holier-Than-Thou censor man? How come you "86" comments with the shit word in them and publish the ones with the nigger word in them? Seems a little incongruous.

Anonymous said...

come on guys, we all know its ok to be racist or bigoted if your a liberal, or black.