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Oh, My!

Box Score.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Aggies?

Let's talk hurricanes.

Is Nagin still the Mayor of NO?

What steps is he takin right now in prep for the next big one?

You think he's organizing a post storm riot....after all Bush made them all move there.

Anonymous said...

Nagin is moving all the school buses to higher ground so that they won't be under water like last time.

Anonymous said...

He's telling everyone to "get their butts" out of New Orleans. Just like he did three years ago well in advance of Katrina, but nevertheless tens of thousands of people did not listen. Yesterday, TV crews showed a woman sitting on her porch in New Orleans talking about "we didn't have no food, nobody came to get me, we didn't have no water...nobody did nothin." Here's hoping somebody told that lady that if she got off her butt yesterday, she'd have about three days to do something besides get trapped inside her attic and drown. Arkansas State is a good football team, and played Texas very well last year.

Anonymous said...

Forget hurricanes...

Oh...the shame...the shame...after one week of football, we'll be in the cellar with Baylor. This sucks! Arkansas State?!?!? Even Fran would be ashamed.

BG, how do you cope with this all the time?

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