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Today I've been sent links to:

- This kinky sex story (which is not the way I will spend my weekend.)
- This video of a lady having a bad day at the salad wagon.
- This video involving a Grand Central Station prank.
- This video involving a Canadian brother and sister who are denied their incestuously love. (Pseudo?)
- And this photo from an I-Phone (actually a couple of days ago.)

Hey, I'm not saying they are all great, but I would feel guilty if I just ignored everybody.

Edit: I think I got the links straightened out now.


Silicone Alley said...
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Silicone Alley said...

You got your links all mixed up.

Silicone Alley said...

God Gawd BG, your real quick today!

Anonymous said...

Cop Talk "I attended to the bound male." Is there one heterosexual male left in Key West?

Officer Garfield took pictures of victim on his camera phone. (Then all the rest of us did too, just for kicks).

alan shore said...

Soda Fountain Domination, YES!!! A.I. is happening slowly but surely it!

bigfan said...

central park prank was pretty cool. poor lady at the drink dispensor, we need to try and keep up with that story, aspecially after the fall, bet she gets paid!!!! good stuff

Pseudonym said...

I think that incestuous couple is German.

Anonymous said...

So I can buy 20 Tacos for 70 cents apiece or I can buy 1000 Tacos for 69 cents apiece? Doesn't seem worth it for only a penny difference.