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They Just Keep Coming


With all the nutty stories this week, I'm reminded of a funny moment between me and my dad last Christmas.

Me (softly, deadpan and looking off in the distance): "When did the world go crazy?"
Dad (softly, deadpan and also looking off in the distance): "I don't know."

(Thanks emailer Gigi.)


Anonymous said...

Crazy, man, crazy.

Anonymous said...

If your dad was smart he would have answered, when Eve offered up an apple. DUH

Anonymous said...

The Wise County Active Democrats will meet tonight at the Decatur Pizza Hut. They have reserved a table of four.

Anonymous said...

Were drugs involved?

Anonymous said...

Time for a poll:

The world went crazy when.....

The pill was invented.

The Beatles invaded America.

Woodstock was held in NY.

Al Gore invented the Internet.

The US of A "faked" the moon landing.

JFK died in Dallas in '63.

We found out our President was a crook.(uh oh, multiple choice, I was thinking about Nixon on this one)

A movie actor was elected President.

A President argued about the definition of the word "is".

Green's Dry Goods closed their doors for good.

Bridgeport beat Decatur in football(uh oh, has that happened yet?)

Walter Cronkite retired.

Johnny Carson retired.

Roger Staubach retired.

Nolan Ryan retired.

Tom Landry was fired by Jerry Jones.

We left Korea, with the job not done.

We left Vietnam, with the job not done.

The Cold War ended.

The drive in movie theater in Decatur closed.

K-Bob's closed.

Wal-Mart moved to town.

The lice invaded the Wise Co. Courthouse.

Decatur voted to go "wet"

Bridgeport voted to go "wet"

Highway 380 was done.(uh oh, another dream yet to be fulfilled)

The Texas Rangers won the World Series(ditto)

Monica had a case of drip-lip.

Double Fake Reminiscing Man

Anonymous said...

welcome to the hotel california..
you can check out any time you
like, but you can never leave..

Anonymous said...

What does the Wise Active Democrats have to do with this blog? As for them they aren't meeting tonight. Didn't you read the update and they do need a table that seats more than 4.

Anonymous said...

You're right. They did reschedule. But they only need a table for 3.

Anonymous said...

Is that any nuttier than baking the body and keeping the ashes in a jug over the fireplace?

Anonymous said...

UPDATE - Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said Thursday he asked the county attorney to file charges against Kory McFarren for mistreatment of a dependent adult. The county attorney will decide whether any charges are brought.

Anonymous said...

Thats one cold blooded bitch!