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We really have been deprived of the salacious details between this 28 year old and her 14 year old paramour, but there's enough to go on.

First, there are some things that creep me out: The thin, tricked up eyebrows; a ruddy complexion; and a look on her face that just screams, "I'll &^%$ you up if you call the police!!!!" But the last trait kind of turns me on. So it all kind of cancels out.

Verdict: Probation. But I'll make it a long five year one so as not to appear "soft on crime." I'm trying to send a message to other teachers out there.

Next case.

(Thanks emailer Tad.)

Edit: Updated picture. Small but hot.


Anonymous said...

I guess a 14 you kid is better'n nuthin. What is with these women?

Averagebaddad said...

I would whoop my teenager if I found out he'd been pokin that skankasauarus erectus.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a meth addict with all those sores on her face.

Anonymous said...

Somebody exited that affair with a disease.

Anonymous said...

"Proactiv worked for me!"

Anonymous said...

Small but hot? That's NOT what SHE said! POW*ZING