The Campaign For DA


Political Sorriness

Yeah, crappy picture, but here's my point. For weeks, I've seen County Attorney Candidate Thomas Aaberg's sign out on Washburn Street - it's got his mug on it so it's hard to miss. Today I drive by and some guy named Charles Stafford (who is running for State Senator against Craig Estes), has posted his sign so that it blocks Thomas' picture. I'm sure he doesn't have anything against Thomas, he just wanted his sign more predominately displayed.

That's some sorriness. Vote against Charles Stafford. He hates freedom.

(And, so that no one gets mad at me, the other county attorney candidates are Marilyn Belew and James Stainton.)

Edir: At 3:39 p.m., a loyally reader advises that he has moved the obstructing sign. Power to the people.

Edit: Ok, stop with the comments for the race for County Attorney on other posts. I posted one for James, posted one for Thomas, and I'm sure I'm about to get one for Marilyn. That's it. Stop it. And I'm not posting any negative comments because I have to work with these guys. It's a double standard that moral code allows.