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Early Voting Numbers Through Thursday

I guess you can explain the huge Democrat turnout over Republicans in the GOP strongholds of Denton, Tarrant and Collin counties because of the contested Hillary v. Barack race. But in all of those conservative counties, the local races are all decided in the Republican primary which would be of equal incentive for Republicans to turn out. That's what's happening in Wise County, for example, where there is more early voting from Republicans than Democrats.


mzchief said...

Hubby mzchief voted today in Decatur and heard a man and woman declare they would be voting Democrat, only after they made CERTAIN they would be able to vote Republican in the "real election in November."

I would guess MUCH of the lopsided voter turn-out has SOMETHING to do with Republicans voting for Obama in the primary.

It is one thing for people to vote AGAINST Hillary and cast their vote for Obama and an ENTIRELY different thing to cast their vote to ELECT Obama as President of the United States.

It will be a VERY interesting election come November.

Crud Bonemeal said...

It will be more interesting than I thought it would be. I listened to as much of the debate of the liberals as I could stand on CNN last night. After listening to them holding hands and declaring that they were going to stop fighting the terrorists, decrease military spending and divert more money to domestic programs, I could see the sheer genius of the plan.
They stop fighting terrorism and open the borders.
They will allow the terrorist to blow up all of the buildings and people they want.
The economy will be stimulated by all of the work to do in rebuilding the destroyed property and disposing of the dead Americans.
Of course, of those remaining, the men will have to learn how kneel facing east and the women will have to get used to the repressive Islamic dress, specifically burkhas and face covers.
With Barrack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton as our leader and commander in chief, we are headed to a capitulation that will dwarf the collectively displayed cowardice of continental Europe.
Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Apparently, Americans haven't been paying attention in history.
Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal and couldn't figure out how to rescue American hostages in Iran.
Bill Clinton effectively dismantled our military strength and international intelligence network to the point that we got 9-11.
If you put Obama or Hillary in charge, you will get more of the same.
I love America, and I cannot stand to listen to those two debate how to surrender to the terrorists. They will display such weakness that the middle eastern terrortists will crawl all over this great nation like fire ants.

Anonymous said...

If you live in Parker or Wise and are Republican, please vote in the Republican primary (I would suggest for Joe Tison--but that's just becuase I just have a thing against crooked, anti-citizen politicians). An anti-Phil King vote carries more weight in a two-county district than an anti-Hillary vote.

Anonymous said...

mzchief, It will indeed be interesting in November. McCain is already having problems with accusations of the "appearance" of improper relationships with a female lobbyist. And his dealings with a myriad of other lobbyists are calling his integrity into question. The Republicans may soon be wishing they had Romney or Huckabee back as their nominee.

I suspect Obama will win the Democrat's nomination and will smother the Republican. Then we'll see if all the "end of the world" fears of Wise Co reactionaries come true.

wordkyle said...

I almost want to vote for Hillary. She'd be easier to beat than Obama. She may superdelegate her way to the nomination yet.

Obama's likely the next POTUS. Get ready for the extra tax he wants us to pay to the United Nations for "global poverty relief." You ain't even seen redistribution of wealth yet.

That'll give you something to ponder while you're in line for hours at the socialized healthcare office, waiting for a government bureaucrat to okay your medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

You really think a lot of your self don't you?

You would of course be wrong in your assumption. In Wise County, Republican voters turn out for the primaries because that is where the elections tend to be most of the time. Candidates have traditionally been chosen in the Primaries here in Wise County because they are unappossed in the general elections. Geesh, how long have you been in Wise County and are you active in any party affiliation enough to understand the voting tendancies of Wise County?

Anonymous said...

When my hubby went to vote yesterday, he overheard two school teachers saying they were Democrats but were going to crossover to vote against Phil King.

The Republicans general election is now more most of the candidates.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

mzchief, Republicans voting against Hillary of Obama is not very smart because according to the polls, he is more electable than Hillary Clinton.

George Bush has managed to finally unite and bring us together. Meaning Democrats and young voters are coming out to get involved in the political process.

Finally he is keeping his campaign promise.

Creating mzcheif in the Democratic primary will bite Republicans in the butt in November.

And then you will be sending your taxdollars to Kenya! Don't kidd yourself in thinking Obama can't win. He has a movement going on and lots, and lots and lots of money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you WordKyle and Bonemeal for your words.

Collectionsite said...
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Anonymous said...

I can explain the whole situation quite briefly. Get ready for a sweep by the Dems in every office from street sweeper to POTUS. Another tax inrease like Bill Clintons and I swear to God I'll quit working.

wordkyle said...

9:18 - The accusation of an "appearance of impropriety" has been around a long time. I'm no McCain fan, but the New York Times article was a hit piece, nothing more or less.

They've had this same information for months, since before they endorsed him in January. They chose to sit on the story. When the McCain campaign asked the NYT what new information it had to make it run the story at this time, the editors had no explanation.

Right or wrong, the article will draw some Conservatives to McCain's side. However, if Obama wins the Dem nomination, as seems likely, he will smother McCain.

wordkyle said...

8:20 - The difference is that you can change insurance companies, or drop your health insurance altogether if you choose.

Over the last year our family has made several trips to doctors' offices and the hospital. Our medical insurance cards smoothed the visits. No complaints about the insurance companies.

We do without other things in order to pay for medical insurance. Expensive, yes, but it's how we choose to spend our money. I would like to continue to have that choice.

mzchief said...

To Collectionsite...
I have NO idea where you are receiving medical treatment but I have NEVER had that type of experience.

I thrashed my knee this past Dec. and returned to Decatur to see my usual orthopedist. I had an MRI two days after my appointment orthopedist and my knee scoped 7 days after that. The service I received at Wise Regional Hospital was professional and CARING. The office visits and surgery charges were billed at $19,000+. After my Ins. Co. chopped on them the bill was $13,000+ I paid $500 and my ins. co, paid the remainder. I still go for physical therapy 3 times a week for my knee. I pay a $15. co-pay and my ins. co. pays the additional $130 per session. I have another couple of weeks of PT.
January 2008 my Gyno discovered a tumor on one of my ovaries and a cyst on another. Three days later I was in surgery at Wise Regional Hospital receiving AWESOME treatment. Just to ruin the fun for the haters...NO CANCER and EVERYTHING is as good as NEW.
Two years ago while golfing on a Sunday something sharp was blown into my eye with such force it broke a blood vessel in my eyeball. I called the number on the back of my insurance card and asked the nurse who answered the emergency line what to do. She advised me to have someone IMMEDIATELY drive me to the closest E.R. I went to the E.R. at Wise Regional Hospital. Waited 20 minutes before being seen. The Dr. numbed my eye and removed the piece of wood from my eyeball as well as provided me enough anti-biotic drops until a pharmacy was open on Monday. I paid my $50.00 co-pay and my insurance picked up the rest of the $500.+ tab. At the suggestion of the E.R. dr. the following Wed. I saw an opthamologist, I paid my $30. co-pay, my insurance paid the remaining $280.

My point being...MY ins. co. has NEVER denied me treatment nor have I ever received anything but the EXCELLENT care when I have required medical care.

If you HONESTLY believe that the government getting into the middle of health-care will make things better for EVERYONE you need to pay better attention to the things the government has already SCREWED-UP like S.S., medicare, V.A. hospitals, CHAMPUS and public education.

Oh, and HELL NO I should NOT pay MORE than the 34% income tax I already pay so as to provide insurance for people who have NOT done what it takes to provide for themselves of THEIR children.

Collectionsite said...
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Anonymous said...

New slogan "John McCain He knows what to do to lobbyists"

mzchief said...

To Collectionsite...
My family provides there OWN health insurance. There are NO "company benefits" because Hubby mzchief and I are self-employed.

wordkyle said...

collectionsite: I'm sure I'm not understanding you correctly. Are you saying that your employer forces you to get medical insurance through him/them? Takes money out of your check against your will? Forbids you to get your own medical insurance elsewhere?

If that is the case, then I can understand your source of unhappiness. I can't believe that you, as a union official, would allow such a thing. It sounds as though you are unhappy with your employer's profiting from your labor. Maybe other employment, with a company that does not make a profit?

Collectionsite said...
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Anonymous said...

Wordkyle I gave up 30% of my hard earned wages to keep American Airlines in business only for them to turn around and give upper management millions in bonuses.

And yes they take monies from me for health care that used to be part of my compensation. I guess when you labor for years to build a company maybe .. just maybe too would have the wisdom and/or the balls to step up and stand up for what you deserve.

So are you going to tell me to quit if I am unhappy ... That is the typical Republican anti employee response?

mzchief said...

To Collectionsite...
I came from VERY humble beginnings, my father was a career soldier. While in college I worked as a maid for Ramada Inn, at McDonalds, a bartender, nurses aid at Boston Mass Psych Unit, waitress at a diner and countless other NONglamourous jobs. My husband and I owned ONE car for the first 5 years we were married. The first 10 years we were married we lived in a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo and took a total of 5 family vacations. Hubby mzchief's truck has 100K+ miles, Son mzchief's truck has 200K+ miles when replaced in 2006 my Ford SUV had 125K+ miles. When we built our home I PERSONALLY installed 1100 sq. ft. of rough cut variegated slate to save the $8,800 installation fee. We also PERSONALLY installed every bit of landscaping and built stone walls and paths to save $7,000+. Hubby mzchief and a painter friend painted the trim of the house to save another $5,000. Nine years ago the corporation for which Hubby mzchief had worked for and been promoted within for 15 years went through a MASSIVE shake-up. Hubby mzchief did not like the direction things were headed and requested a severance package. He started his own firm. Trust me, there were some VERY lean years. However, since we had NEVER lived at and certainly not ABOVE our means, we were FINE but did implement the austerity plan. Meat 3 meals a week, plant larger garden, one trip a week to B'port, heat set at 58 degrees and NO a/c for 2 summers. No new shoes or clothing for 3 years. No eating out, EVER. Even with all the cuts we NEVER failed to put money in our savings account and retirement funds. Incidentally, I did not get a cell phone or an additional computer in the house until 4 years ago. My point being, EVERYONE makes choices with regard to how they spend the money they have. We currently only spend approximately 20% of our income. We have a RIGHT to accrue personal wealth and should NOT be forced to give it to the government to redistribute to people who have NOT done as well.

As for Hillary's plan, she intends on charging 20somethings the same insurance premium as 50somethings for health-care. How fair is that to FORCE a healthy 20something to pay for an out of shape, diabetic 50something's insurance costs? The 20somethings are already paying S.S. taxes from which they will NEVER see a dime. I do indeed care for those who are less fortunate than my family but do not believe it is RIGHT to give them anything but TOOLS to work at what my family has achieved through sacrifice and HARD work. Incidentally, the mentality of ANY plan is better than no plan is a DISASTER in the making.

It is WRONG to take fish from a man who learned to fish, practiced for years, got up early everyday to fish and because of his efforts caught more fish with the tools he was given and give his additional fish to a man who NEVER used the tools he was given or only got up after noon to fish.

One other thing, how many "poor" people smoke, eat out, buy CDs, go to the cinema and buy popcorn, have cable, Interweb, or a cell phone? NONE of the aforementioned items are NECESSITIES. Just because SOME people who have WORKED for these items have them does not mean EVERYONE is ENTITLED to these LUXURY items. Incidentally, to this very day I cannot bring myself to purchase popcorn at the cinema. I TYPICALLY wait to RENT the flick and ALWAYS go to a matinee when I do see a flick at the cinema. I ALWAYS have a fist full of coupons when I grocery shop and NEVER buy clothing or shoes unless they are on sale.

My biological paternal grandmother taught me, the difference between people WITH money and people without money is that people WITH money have money because they do NOT spend ALL of their money. One other thing, my biological father was killed in Vietnam when I was 5 and while my French mother was pregnant with my sister. My adoptive father was an Italian U.S. immigrant in the U.S. Army just as was my Native American biological father. So yeah, I do know a wee bit about hardship and overcoming adversity to achieve PERSONAL success.

Denney Crane said...

Offer the poor the world and they will take it...educate them and they will move out of their caves, undress from their animal skins and begin a whole new standard of living.

What if they resist becoming educated? Should we give them a better standard of living for being lazy?

Anonymous said...

mzchief please let me know your health care plan and pass me a glass of that hateraide ;)

wordkyle said...

9:31 - I won't defend AA's getting a 30% cut in pay from its employees and giving executives millions in bonuses. It sounds like the union negotiators didn't do a very good job for the union members. It also sounds like the union should be able to negotiate lower insurance costs for its members, or even free insurance. Doesn't being in a union give you that kind of leverage? If it doesn't, then what's the point of being in a union?

I'm not sure exactly what you think you might "deserve." You apparently feel you deserve more than your union negotiators got for you. Did your union members vote to accept the deal that was negotiated?

You clearly feel you no longer have any choices. Is that the trade-off you made by being in a union and letting others make your decisions for you?

That's what socialized healthcare a la Obama or Clinton would inflict on all of us.

I don't understand how it's "anti-employee" to point out that you chose to shackle yourself to a union that apparently didn't do right by you (or else you would be happy with your employment conditions, correct?) Millions of people don't belong to unions, and change jobs if another employer offers better benefits and/or better pay.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 1:48...
I have a PPO with Golden Rule which is a UnitedHealthcare Co.

I NEVER touch the Hateraide. Hate is only a burden to the person who CARRIES hate within their heart. I tend to live by the belief that those who travel lightest travel swiftest.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, MzCreep, I thought your husband was one of the first civilians to die over the fight for oil in the Middle East. That's based on some really old posts you made on this very blog, as best I can remember. Now, things seem to have changed. Or is it my bad, and that was the other MzCreep?

Anonymous said...

Wordklye I honestly believed that you were much more savvy with todays world affairs but to read those last postings ... I am sorry to say but you young man do not have a Freaking clue.

It is people like you that are SCAB LABOR.

For you ever to think an organization is "the union" is more than stupid. A union is its people (Union Sister & Brother) standing together as those folks did to save their company that they have worked at for years. What was described as certain doom by CEO's and the corporate greed that was backed by this Republican Party in Washington.

It has been organized labor whom built the middle class. You can thank them for those weekends off you have, health care, vacations, overtime, lunch periods and the list goes on and on. But most of all you can thank them for giving everyone a voice in the work place. To stop sexual harassment, racism, bigotry and a right to choose how they will be treated.

I would bet my bottom dollar you are one of these types ... Box boy made grocery manager ...Life long manager at Arby's or better yet Walmart. You know the type who likes to abuse power over those they work with. Someone hated at work but really doesn't care.

If you knew anything about the history of America you wouldn't be talking out your ass. I can handle stupidity but I can handle ignorance.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 5:36...
You must mean my 1:18 Comment on March 13, 2007. Please, note that nowhere in that comment did I say the doctors at Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre were unsuccessful in their attempt to save my husband. I have previously addressed your confusion regarding my husband being alive in my 5:04 comment on September 6, 2007.

Do you EVER get tired of being WRONG due to your ahhhh...uhhhh IGNORANCE?

You're Welcome!

wordkyle said...

7:06 - So your union brothers and sisters who negotiated with your company didn't do a good job. You should talk to them.

On behalf of the 87.9% of the workforce who don't belong to unions, and whom you call SCAB LABOR, either live with your decisions or make a change.

You sound like a petulant child who wants all the toys in the store and throws a tantrum when your mommy only lets you have one. Don't get mad at me if your union lets you down. Quit the union and change jobs if you're so unhappy. Is it possible that you can't afford to take the cut in pay from your union-inflated wages?

I'm sure that unions have done some good in the past and do some good now, but they also create thugs like you who try to bully anyone who has questons about a Union's usefulness.

P.S. Thanks for Labor Day. Now I know when to quit wearing white shoes.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about 7:06 PM, WordKyle. Haven't you noticed, that the more insulting names they use ("stupid", etc.) in a post, the less sense their arguments make? Kind of an inverse ratio sort of thing. That, and someone who is calling into question someone else's intelligence, but can't stop making typos and using incorrect grammar, is kinda, well, weak.

Collectionsite said...
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Anonymous said...

Why is Wise County not posted

Anonymous said...

7:06 is the ape on drugs. Always the same rant, always bashing and cursing anyone with a rational thought. Must have had a difficult childhood...maybe a social reject with this being the only place to get even, anonymously.

Anonymous said...

11:34 very nice annon post. you sound like maybe your own wierd uncle joe helped you along in life. his name isnt wordpile is it?

Anonymous said...

Keep guessing gorilla.

Double Fake Ty Carter said...

Keep guessing, MzCreep. Apparently it's not just me who can see through all your psycho-babblings on practically every post you make gotta go way back in B's archives for that stuff.....

You are such an easy mark - we yank your chain and you end up spewing, italicizing and bolding WAY too much personal information about yourself.

Hardly any of us give a rat's arse about you and your experiences. We do enjoy irritating you though.


P.S. If you didn't waste so much time on this, and probably other blogs, you might have been able to afford the installation of that 1100 sq. ft. of rough cut variegated slate, biatch.

Anonymous said...

I don't need any help to deal with a pea brain like you. Here's a hint, genius, everyone with an IQ above yours is not Wordkyle. Anyone here can max your score.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't noticed, 3:00 PM is the lesser primate junkie. LOL

Anonymous said...

So you've moved from banjo strumming to monkey funking, huh, 4:29PM?

That shtick is getting really old. Now, even though we can't hear you, we can smell you.

Anonymous said...

5:36/3:00 - Mzchief hands you your ass and backs it up with links and you are such a dumbass you mock her for calling bullshit on your bullshit. Buddy, you've lost this one and we all know it. You need to shut up and go back to playing in the corner.

Anonymous said...

hey when does wordpile get off the second shift at albersons? or is it mcdonalds. we need some deep thinking from that dung pile.

Anonymous said...

6:12 Ape - Deep thinking has always been far beyond your grasp.

wordkyle said...

Hey 6:12 -

Unionized American Airlines (AMR) current stock price - $14.52

Non-unionized McDonald's (MCD) current stock price - $56.05

Showing the world what a classless, inept, union-protected-or-you'd-be-unemployed buffoon you are - PRICELESS

gern blansten said...

wow, wordkyle, you put the smackdown on that dude! PAYOW!!!

Anonymous said...

wordpile this is 6:12. I dont work at AMR and you are easy as a light switch. thnx lol

Anonymous said...

9:20 AM - Wordkyle never suggested that you work for AMR, and you obviously would not qualify in any capacity there.

Your defense of unionism is transparent garbage. We all know that the union gains in the distant past have resulted in federal labor laws. Today, their sole objective is to threaten strikes in order to hold businesses hostage to increasing wage/hour demands.

Thanks to union banditry, GM posted the highest loss ever lin 2007, $38.7-billion. Included in union demands were guaranteed employment, prohibiting automated manufacturing, continuation of $28 average hourly wages and total care benefits that come to another
$32 per hour. This is on assembly work where everyone on the line gets paid the same as the slowest neanderthol because productivity is not rewarded. There are no earned raises or incentives for anyone to turn out the best work.

At the same time, you and others ignore the closing of dozens of auto plants in Ohio and Michigan and union thugs can't seem to figure out why foreign cars are taking up the market where ours are failing. Duh!

Yes, you belong in some protected, mediocre job or are self-employed. You would surely be unemployable in a competitive job market, including MacDonalds or stocking shelves at Albertson's.

gern blansten said...

To 9:31/7:06/6:12:

I went back and read your dogfight with wordkyle, and I have to say, you're the one who doesn't seem to have a clue.

"The anti-employee republicans"... WHAT!!??? If you would take off your liberal democrat blindfold, you could see some of the real world that's going on around you! Republicans are the ones who want to do things for large companies who, in turn, create jobs for people. The liberals want to do everything they can to punish businesses so that more and more people will have to live off the government teet. Note the dems always saying things about taking "tax breaks away from the richest americans". What drivel.

You also talked about giving up 30 percent of your wages so that it could be given to the higher-ups, and that your healthcare also used to be compensated. Boy, now THAT'S a union doing a good job for its workers, huh? You sound mad about that, and you have the right. However, wordkyle said you simply needed to remedy the situation on your own. He didn't attack you.

I will say one good thing about unions, though. In Texas, where it is a right-to-work environment, the white male worker has NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with skills and a job where I work for a good man who treats me well, and does it because he's a decent human being and a good businessman, not because some union has a gun to his head.
Perhaps unions could protect the white male worker from the occasional injustice...but your arguments hold no water whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Don'tcha just hate when wordpyle keeps coming back as anonymous to defend himself? He thinks he's so much smarter than the rest of us that we can't figure out it's him.

Anonymous said...

Well, gorilla, you have made more than your share of anonymous posts everywhere lately. You have no beef with Wordkyle other than you are a mental midget by comparison. Really gets to ya doesn't it? LOL

not wordkyle said...

12:42 - If you are talking about me at 10:32, guess again dunce!

You don't need much help to make an ass of yourself and that may be your one attribute. No one has to work very hard to appear smarter than you here, especially Wordkyle. You are merely an insignificant pain in the ass.

You have had some experience with that elsewhere in cyberspace and I am one of your nightmares. You dislike me a lot, for good reasons, because I know the wimp in the gorilla costume.

Surprised I found you here? It's a smaller cyberworld than you might think...and your odor is a dead giveaway. LOL

gern blansten said...

hey 12:42:

Now you're showing how ignorant YOU are by throwing that last stupid comment out there. Wordkyle doesn't EVER go anonymous to "defend" himself. He enjoys the debate, you moron!
Oh and by the way, I'm not wordkyle either.

wordkyle said...

Sorry, folks. I apparently confused the anonymous jerk at 6:12 with the anonymous jerk(s) at 9:31 and 7:06. It's hard to tell unbranded cattle apart.

not wordkyle said...

Wordkyle - It's the same baboon.