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Books Via IPod

I think I'm getting hooked on modern day books on tape. Since Christmas, I've "read"

Into Thin Air - Great.
Into The Wild - Very good but I'm beginning to agree with those that said this guy was made into a hero when he really wasn't really heroic at all.
Invisible Monsters - From the guy that wrote Fight Club. A really weird book that solidifies my inclination to stick with non-fiction
Her Last Death - Written by an adult daughter about her very wheels off (and still living) mother. I'm not really sure why I should care.

And, to show how well-rounded I am, I'm currently reading State of Emergency by Pat Buchanan. It's a call to arms about illegal immigration. One of the first passages suggested that in the next 50 years the Southwest United States will really be just part of Mexico for all practical purposes. I'm paraphrasing, "The Mexicans will take back the land they had lost through war by the only way they can: by illegal immigration and a change of our very culture."


M&M said...

In regards to Mexico I thought I'd share a funny story. An acquaintance of mine, who's elderly, fought in WW II. He did his training at Fort Hood with fellow Texans and a bunch of yankees as well and they had a yankee general. They were there in the summer dealing with the heat, humidity, dust, and bugs. This yankee general would get the yankee soldiers all fired up by saying they were going to pick a fight with Mexico and beat the heck out of them and then force the Mexicans to take Texas back.

Just thought I'd share. I got a kick out of it.

Anonymous said...

Who do we fight now to get our country back?

Anonymous said...


I guess the American Indians have finally quit aking that stupid question and just figured out how to cash in.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you be listening to this books instead of reading them?

lovelit said...

Don't give up on fiction because of one bad choice. There are so many amazing books out there..."Kite Runner" being one of them! Steven King, who is awesome (in his genre of horror) said that you should give an author a couple of hours of your time, and if you don't like what he/she has to say, wish him well, and move on! So, move on to something better!!
-Blogger-Concerned-for-your- literary-well-being-

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if that does happen, you will see a Balkanization of the Southwest US, possibly leading to another civil war. Which will possibly lead to another Mexican-American War. With any luck, I will be dead by then, and my ashes scattered. Wouldn't want my bones lying in a possibly foreign land.

Jarhead said...

Read Al Gore's masterpiece "Earth in the Balance."

It's the best work of fiction I've ever read.

Know your enemy.

Anonymous said...

The AWM better get off of his BWA and do something or there might be dark days ahead. I doubt that I will see another civil war, but my children might.

12:28 We have to fight our own govt. The situation will reach a boiling point at some time.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have an IPod. I have been trying to figure out my cell phone for 2 stressful years and don't even get me going on Blue tooth. AT&T has been charging me for internet from my phone. All I could say was, "wow, you can do that?". I considered myself a genius when VCR's bit the dust and I could actually run a DVD player. Are thre any more 'challenged' people out there?