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Barack Visits The Evil Empire

And practices giving Hillary "The Heisman."


Anonymous said...

The partial white guy visited the United States?

Anonymous said...

Senator Clinton won the debate at UT last night by killing Obama with kindness in her closing statement and reminding all voters the candidates will be fine after the campaign, but will the American people? The crowd of Clinton and Obama supporters gave them a standing ovation.

Senator Clinton would not let John King and other CNN hosts forward to another question until she spoke to voters concerned about health care (1 in 7 Americans do not have health care) how her health care requires every one to buy health care. Senator Obama's plan only requires parents to buy health care for their children.

Senator Clinton said mandated health care has to be the same as mandated SS and medicare. No one can opt out.

She also explained if not mandated, people would game the system.

Senator Clinton also scored high on her economic plan to create new jobs and take a look at our trade policies.

Today, I will be at her rally in downtown Fort Worth at 11:00. Charlie Stenholm has endorsed her and I encourage voters to go Early to vote for Senator Clinton.

Charlie Stenholm is known nation wide to be a fiscal conservative. For all grandparents who believe it is wrong to leave our grandchildren debt, please vote for Senator Clinton.

Pat Buchanon said on CNN that John McCain will get us into another war. We cannot fight another war without a draft.

Many Democrats are saying they will not vote for Senator Obama if he is the candidate.

Texas, it is up to us. Please vote early.

Another reason to vote early is five Democratic polling precincts do not have election workers. Just in case, workers cannot be found before March 4th, vote early to make sure you can vote.

If you can work, please contact the Election Administrator or the Democratic County Chair and volunteer to work.

Election workers are needed in Precinct 1-1 N. Decatur, voting location Courthouse, Precinct 2-8, voting location Decatur Civic Center, Precinct 2-Voting location Chico Library, Precinct 2- voting location Crafton, Precinct 4-Voting location Runaway Bay.

If election workers are not found for these five polling precincts, Democrats will NOT be able to vote March 4th.

Anonymous said...

Election workers, you can serve as a presiding judge or clerk outside your precinct. The election code allows emergency placements. The EA have training videos available.

It is time Democrats stepped up to make sure all 22 polling precincts are open for voting and for the precinct causus that follows.

A few hundred votes could make the difference.

Anonymous said...

I want CHANGE who should I vote for?

Anonymous said...

If this is going to become a blog of long-winded political manifestos, I'm leaving.

Anonymous said...

Clinton ,Obama , Mcain all the same B.S. they will promise the world to get elected and dump us on day one to get in the pockets of the big money corporate world.
If you think Clinton is different your just Stupid !!!!

Anonymous said...

6:23 - I like what Cindy Stenholm said about the difference between men and women:

"Men talk but women get things done".


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaa, Trick. Yaaaaaa.

Jarhead said...

I'll be at Ms. Clinton's speech today in Ft. Worth as well.

I'll be the one wearing the stained blue dress, wearing a beret and smoking a big fat cigar.

gern blansten said...

jarhead in a dress? Now THAT'S a scary thought!

I listened to a lot of the debate, and it was almost comical to hear them talk about "taking tax breaks from the richest Americans, giving it to the Middle class, etc... blah blah blah.

I don't know much about Obama's financing, but Clinton has so many special interest groups in her pockets (even the Chinese) that it's laughable to hear her talk about denying lobbyists and special interest groups.

However, I'm afraid that the liberal media machine might be strong enough to win this thing for the liberals, even though I still believe there is a huge silent majority that is conservative. You only hear from the loudmouth liberals and their lap-dog media outlets.

gern blansten said...

but on the other hand, I enjoy listening to Obama. It's sort of like listening to James Earl Jones or something. He's eloquent and commanding.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 6:23...
Senator Clinton said mandated health care has to be the same as mandated SS and medicare. No one can opt out.

Three points:
1. Since the U.S. Government has done such a bang up job with SS and Medicare WHY would ANYONE want that same government to be responsible in ANY way for the health-care of the ENTIRE nation.

2. No one can opt out, EVEN those who cannot afford the premiums. Exactly HOW will the government be able to DICTATE the premiums charged. Hmmmmm...Do you think they will ATTEMPT to have those who make more pay more? I already pay $1,192 a MONTH for health-care and insurance.

3. It is mandatory for people who drive to have auto insurance. Those who drive without ins. are FINED for not being able to afford or obtain auto ins. Believe it or not, there are people who are unable to obtain health insurance at ANY price because their health is so poor they are UNINSURABLE.

Incidentally, Hillary Clinton has been Senator of New York for SEVEN years, WHY the bloody Hell is New York WITHOUT Universal health coverage if her plan is VIABLE? Since Hillary was unable to to make her plan work in New York/Microcosim of the U.S. in seven years what makes you think Hillary's plan is anymore VIABLE for the ENTIRE nation and she can do it in FOUR years?

People who buy into the Self Serving promises being made by their favourite Nanny/Candidate need to pull their heads out of the clouds and LISTEN to what is ACTUALLY being SPEWED.

Oh and voting or Obama will indeed bring about change. Obama will be the FIRST U.S. President to have family CURRENTLY living in Kenya who are MUSLIM and whose MUSLIM father returned to and died in Kenya. There is. of course, one more thing, as though it REALLY matters, Obama just happens to be black.

mzchief said...

Typo repair kit

Microcosim = Microcosm

Anonymous said...

mzchief - Please explain how being a United States Senator serving in the United States Congress gives Hillary any control over what the State of New York (and that state's government) chooses to do with respect to health care for its state's citizens.

Anonymous said...




Mr. Mike Honcho said...

OMG, 6:23am... if Pat B. said it on CNN then it must be true!


All the more reason I hate politics.

Last year all these yokels told us the Surge would be a resounding failure and the War was the number one issue.

A year later the Surge worked but now the economy has turned into the brink of disaster. Funny, everyone I know is doing pretty good... even pumping that $3 gallon gas into brand new cars.

Why don't they talk about something useful.. like stopping illegal immigration.

I hate politicians. Why don't they show me some substance... show me a DETAILED plan on what they will do. Why it will work. And what it will mean to me.

PS - Democrats, you are fools. All you had to do was trot out and support a WASP Male and you would have had this election gift-wrapped and handed to you on a silver platter. This only convinces me you have no clue.

Rant out... political brain cells turned back off.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 10:57...
Okay, let me do a wee bit of thinking FOR you. If Hillary's plan was so awesome, yummy, good WHY did New York FAIL to scarf it up and take care of ALL the health-care needs of New York? Surely, Hillary has SOME clout and sway with the powers-at-be and people of New York?

The point is, Hillary could not sell her snake oil at home so she has taken her show on the road in an ATTEMPT to FORCE it down the throats of the ENTIRE nation.

You MUST be a died in the wool, Yellow Dog Democrat because a THINKING person would have figured this out for their self.

Bulldog said...

Hey Mzcrapola - That would DYED in the wool, not died.

I can't believe a SOAS as yourself did not know that.

Anonymous said...

figured it out fo themself, not their self.

gern blansten said...

actually, mzchief, it's his/her self... their (them) would be "selves"

I'm just saying..


mzchief said...

To bullshiate & 11:40...
I do know the difference and submitted a typo repair kit to the WRONG blog topic at 11:38.

On NUMEROUS occasions I have admitted to NOT being the World's Greatest Multi-tasker and tend NOT to proof my comments PRIOR to posting. After all, this is ONLY a blog, not a PhD dissertation or Supreme Court brief.

My typing/grammar errors do not in any way diminish the validity or accuracy of my opinion. Your petty comments regarding those errors makes a BOLD statement about YOU.

mzchief said...

To Germ...
See my most RECENT comment.


mzchief said...

To Gern...
I apologize for the "Germ" typo. I sincerely did not mean to type "Germ" when typing your alias in my 12:23 comment.

Bull(Shiate)dog said...

Toucy, touchy. Take it easy. As you said, it's only a blog.

Double Fake Dr. Phil said...

Y'all have to pardon MzCrap. She's taking her prescription medicine with wine.....errrrrr.......whine. She's in a lot of pain as a result of her recent skiing accident. Poor biatch. Give her some slack.

atvtrlrdr said...

Jarhead, that was fully, I don't care who you are.

Anonymous said...

I agree, women get things done. So how about a ticket with Oprah and Angolina Jolie?

Anonymous said...

Mzcheif, it is apparent you do not understand the health care crisis and what is drving the cost for health care insurance. Everyone is paying for the one and seven who are not covered. The reasons could be they may not be able to get insurance because of being sick. A person with a medical problem could lose a job and not be able to get insurance.

No one is turned away at the emergency room. Who pays? We do. It is passed on to employerss and employees, the taxpayers, the insured.

We must solve the health care problem or face continued increases in premiums.

Seniors on medicare like myself pay nearly $3,000 for medicare, supplemental and prescription drug coverage. That amount is increasing every year for those on limited and retirement income. Many seniors cannot afford the supplemental that pays for doctor visits, tests, and other care not covered under Medicare.

Taking personal responsiblity for one's health will help control health care cost. Making health care insurance a mandate, will not allow anyone to game the system. Everyone will have to pay something.

Providing health care outside the emergency room is more efficient. Recently, a family member had to wait for care in the middle of the night at the emergency room.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who is talking straight to the American people about this important issue.

Many people are losing their jobs and will only increase the number of those without health care.

One out of seven Americans without health care insurance will be come one of six if we as a nation do not come together to find a solution to this crisis.

In the meantime, the emergency room will be crowded and Mzcheif, you will have to wait your turn in line behind all the uninsured.

Anonymous said...

In my humble, un-medically educated opinion, I would suggest that we do provide national health care coverage, focusing on preventative health care and education for those not yet at retirement age.

We need to start out with health care reform. No more drug company advertisements on TV, magazines, radio, internet, etc. That just encourages people to take more ridiculous medicines that fix false problems and then cause real ones.

Then, although I love old people, like 6:31 AM, let's put a lot of that money spent on the elderly to better use providing preventative health care and education to the younger ones. I myself saw my own mother become a Medicare fiend - every ailment she had had to be fixed, yet her health was failing to the point, because of her age, the ROI was ridiculous. $54,000 for a heart stint, $15,000 for cataract surgery, $6,000 for a scooter, the medicines, the hospital eventually became ludicrous.

She should have died years prior, but because of improved medical science, she was allowed to live way past the time she was meant to. It's hard for me to say that, but damn it, the money I saw paid out by Medicare to "fix" her problems were just a waste - she was too old to even benefit, but I think many of her "doctors" saw her as an easy target, and she fell for it.

If the same amount of money was applied to a young child, or wage-earner, the outcome would have been much more beneficial to humankind.

I'm all for health care reform. Reform - can y'all dig it?