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And A Jab. And Another. Left Hook. King Staggers.

I just got an email telling me to send my electric bill to Phil King. I don't know what I think about this. Yeah, it's kinda cheesy and I'm not going to do it, but it did get my attention.

But I also noticed that Tison is spending $12,000 on a political consultant (excerpt above from campaign finance filings found online). I presume it's the consultant's idea.

Edit: An emailer says that KXAS (Channel 5 News) will do an "expose" on King today at 4, 5, and 6:00 p.m.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like King. I never knew he was so influential Nationally. Rates are up across the nation and he did it all? WOW!! That's power! I bet the President wishes he had that much power!

Anonymous said...

Verrrry Interesting!! Go to the link to the campaign financing and check out King and Tison. Tison has received funds from the Teachers and a Parents PAC. The rest of the contributions appear to be from private individuals - mostly form Parker and Wise Counties. Now go to the King report. The list of giant corporate contributors is amazing! - Verison, Sprint, Embarq, Altria (Phillip Morris), and every utility outfit in the state - and many many others (including some guy in Houston who gave $10,000). King is hugely financed by the huge corporations and the anti-personal injury lawyers groups.

Go check for yourself. Then you decide who King represents and who Tison represents.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the help mr king. i pay more for electric highway projects are way past due and al this while you are going all over the state getting campign funds. thank god for joe tison at least he cares about parker and wise county a vote for phil king is a vote saying that family values are worthless since he accepts bribes although we see them as super bowl tickets or campaign donations it is time to restore honesty to the office with tison

Anonymous said...

i was unaware that the only people in Wise County that hwere honest where teachers and parnets. i fins it hard ot belive that no parents work for big companies. I find hard to belive that no has relaized that Tisons adds are all negative - what can he do - whta will he do if elected - there will not be anyoone to blame?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder where the $12000 for the consultant came from - do you think it was the parents of iwse county or the teachers - that is alot of money for the T.E.A. I wonder if that is big business amd last of all just becasue it is on the absurd blog does not make these comments true or accurate.

Anonymous said...

12:03 & 12:06 - obviously you are the same person - no other person could be so illiterate. To me, you demonstrate the intellect (or lack thereof) of the mindless tools of the King support group.

Electing Tison certainly won't cure all of our problems. Re-electing King will only aggravate our problems and benefit his corporate fat cats.

Anonymous said...

who cares where the money comes from!!!! DOES IT REALLY MATTER on who has 1 dollar and who has 10 dollars. VOTE FOR WHO YOU THINK WILL BE THE BEST...........

I have problems with King and I have problems with Tison. HOWEVER, King did return my call and answer my question and TISON said "I am busy right now, can you attend one of my functions and I will talk to you then" MY MIND IS MADE UP and I am headed to the Decatur CIVIC CENTER RIGHT NOW>>>>>MAKE YOU MIND UP ON THE ISSUES NOT WHO HAS MONEY AND WHO DOES NOT,,,,THAT IS STUPID

Anonymous said...

What's with the run on sentences and spelling typos here?

goober said...

If Tison is elected ALL of the school administrators will be running around the country side doing what ever they want when ever they want. Just like that bunch @ Alvord last week. There ought to be law against a school administrator leaving his campus during the middle of the day to attending a campaign rally for some retired school supt.

RPM said...

Wow, I never realised the Wise Republican Women posted on here so much. Too bad they use "anonymous" instead of identifying themselves as Kingbots.

Anonymous said...

ALL school administrators go ANYWHERE they want ANYTIME during ANY school day. Why do you think DHS has five assistant principals? Don't try to get a phone call to any superindendent on any given workday either. Why do you think they are in admin where half our money is spent? They gave up teaching for jobs where they do not have to work, that's why. Check out the ratio of administrators to teachers in your school.

Anonymous said...

15 people live in King's law office in Weatherford. ICK!

Maybe Major Phil King, TX NG, has them there for military training.

Anonymous said...

1:12 – Well it appears that your logic is a bit strained. How do you assume school supers will run around if Tison is elected? Then you complain that some super was running around in Alvord (while King is elected). Should I assume you think King is not doing his job monitoring superintendents? To my knowledge, this is not any representative's job. But you do reflect many King supporters - just throw out false premises and then draw false conclusions. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, and how many Wise County Republicans (of the wealthy sort) live in those HUGE homes down in the Rhome area and can AFFORD to pay those huge utility bills. Come on - a problem with utility bills?

No problem with Phil King either.

Anonymous said...

Dump King Phil

Anonymous said...

Any politician that is supported by anti personal injury lawyer groups is my guy.

Anonymous said...

Until campaign finance is limited to individuals from the candidate's district we will have big corporations running the state and the country.

Anonymous said...

Both Phil King and his Dad are lawyers. His father has had made a lot of money as a Plaintiff's lawyer and Phil has also. Go to his law office web site in Weatherford, Texas. It shows that he practices personal injury law. Once again he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

1:36 - Put up or shut up. Decatur High School has 3 assistant principals - not 5. You disagree? I'll name the actual 3 if you can come up with the 5 you claim. Now go back to kissing Jerry Howard's a$$.

John Q Teacher said...

1:36, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am a teacher at DHS and every one of our principals work their arse off. We ALL do at that school. If you want to know the truth, it's a freaking sweatshop in that school which is no different than any other school and you can blame certain school board members for aggravating the lives of people that work for peanuts that do their best to educate kids. I'm so damn tired of people bashing the school system. We are professionals...not factory workers. I'd like to see all of you negative jerks take a kid that can't pass the TAKS test and put your time where your mouth is. Go to the TEA website and pull up a recently released exit level TAKS and see what we are up against. The principals at DHS work just as many hours outside their contracts as the teachers do and all we hear is negative crap from people like you. I'm so pissed off, I don't know who to blame for the shitty morale...George W. Bush's Leaving No Child Behind that is driving education into the ground or you guys that sit around and look for mud to throw because your life is so damn bitter. Well, take it from one teacher who really cares about what goes on in my classroom and appreciates my principals', put up or shut up. Unless you really are an ass kisser of Jerry's and then I just have no words for that situation that can be published. Another thing, the Decatur School Board Members need to come visit with teachers while they are in the trenches with these kids. How about volunteering so you can see what we are up against before you go and set certain goals for teachers to reach. We are working our butts off and I'm freaking tired of these bitter jerks spouting off such ignorant comments. If you have a personal ax to grind, to do it on here is chicken ca ca. There are quite a few of us that are on the verge of leaving the profession because of the bitterness in the profession now and the fact that our families really don't see us for more than 2 and a half months a year. So, before you send some good people over the edge, try telling us something nice occaisionally, asshole! Maybe, your kiddo might have a decent teacher still left around.

Anonymous said...

King is a freak who lives underground in almost 9000 sq. feet. He takes vast amounts of money from industries he is entrusted to regulate. He is bought by AT&T, energy companies, etc. Open up your Bible and read how leaders should hate a bribe. Why is there a huge fence topped with barbed wire around his underground compound? Wonder what kind of arms are stockpiled there for the tribulation and end times?

Anonymous said...

One does not win a race for Texas House against King, a Speaker Craddick lap dog, without using a professional political consultant.

Anonymous said...

I hope some of the righteous Republican men and women of Wise County are reading this blog, particularly those who lambast the public schools.

Ah yes, having a lot of money allows folks to put their children into home school and/or private schools.

And they are the biggest critics of public education.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Always cracks me up that someone wants me to get all indignant at an elected official... during an election year.

Why no attention during the off years?


Jarhead said...

Damn 10:29,

I hope you don't get all riled up that that in class...

I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

1:36, and a LOT of teachers are giving up teaching for jobs where they only have to work 40 hours a week, with no evenings or weekends.

Take a trot up to DHS tomorrow (Saturday) and see how many teachers are tutoring students to pass the TAKS test.

And, if that doesn't convince you, go next Saturday, and the next, and the next.

And, if you still think teachers have it easy, drop by around 5pm and see how many are still at the HIGH SCHOOL. A normal day at DHS DOES NOT end at 3:30 or 4, or even 5pm for many.

And by the way, DHS has 3 assistant principals. Last year there were 4, but never 5. Who's your inside guy? He's wrong!

Anonymous said...

John Q - I'm with you buddy, but darn, insert a paragraph break every once-in-awhile. I need to breathe.

Anonymous said...

All of you Jerry Howard naysayers need to step back and take a real look at DISD. I, for one, am very happy that he is on the board! At lease SOMEONE is trying to keep an eye on the runaway spending the other board members blindly rubberstamp just because the admin "wants" some things.

Jerry is NOT against the teacher. He IS going to hold administrators feet to the fire though and hopefully...some day...teachers will see some positive changes come their way because of it. But he can't do it alone.

Many of you teachers at DHS are listening to your "beloved?" (and I'm very unsure why that is) princiipal in her frustration with him. Usually those who are so very frustrated are the exact ones having to be restrained. Think about that!

I know for a fact that the HS teachers do not NEED to be so overworked there. MANY other schools do not have so many after school "events" but are able to allow teachers to teach in the classroom and receive great scores by just doing their jobs. There are entirely too many "programs" in that system and the teachers there are overworked. But you still do it, for that little pat on the back that comes from your principal. Hogwash! You teachers there now ever ask the question, "How come so many teachers who were in the system for so many years up and left?"

Until DHS and (DISD) gets new administration, NOTHING will get better. NOTHING! Money will continue to fly away, teachers will work many more hours than they should and the principal will continue to play solitaire in her office.

You have a few board members who are aware of this problem and who are trying to do something about that. If you teach there, lay off drinking in the bs you are being fed and take a look at reality for yourself. Otherwise, enjoy all the extra work you put in and all the meetings and paperwork you do that is getting you nowhere.

Right on, Jerry Howard ... right on Joey Luttrell. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Some states require that the designated home-school parent has a college degree or permission to do so is not allowed. In Texas, it seems that any highschool dropout can be a home-school parent. We should expect high achievers?

Anonymous said...

8:22 am - OK - so what's a teacher to do, who still wants his job, but feels stuck in the dead-end situation you speak of?

The teachers are the ones there who have seen so MANY come and go over the years, but the TEACHERS can't change that situation. It's up to the school board and upper administration to do so.

So I ask you again, what's a teacher to do?

I think the real question is, what's a board member to do?

I, too, am happy that there are some on board who feel the teachers pain and are willing (seemingly) to do something about it.

But, I say to them; remember, some fairly good board members lost their seat on the DISD board recently because they DID NOTHING to fix the situation. And, thus MANY, MANY teachers continue to leave. This year will prove to be no different, turnover continues to plague, and scores DON'T go up when a new teacher occupies the desk each year, especially in those crucial core areas where they seem to have fruit-basket-turnover.

AMEN - there are too many "programs" and "events" to make a few look good at the expense of all those overworked teachers already.

Parents are even beginning to get tired of the evening "requirements" designed to simply enable their students to survive: a meeting to schedule, a meeting to get motivated for TAKS, a meeting for incoming parents, a meeting for....

And, you are right on the money, there are MANY schools within driving distance of Decatur that do not require the extra hours, whose scores are good or even better, and those schools are the very ones taking our good teachers away.

You say:

There are entirely too many "programs" in that system and the teachers there are overworked. But you still do it, for that little pat on the back that comes from your principal. Hogwash! You teachers there now ever ask the question, "How come so many teachers who were in the system for so many years up and left?"

Is this really a fair statement - teachers can't do it along. We need a job, we're stuck - AGAIN we're counting on those with the power - to make it better, to right the wrong and fix what's broken.

You think we don't know there's turnover - 15-22 leave every year - WE KNOW THAT!!!! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!!!

If Jerry Howard and Joey Luttrell want to fix it -
Then it's their right and job to do so.

But, if I may be so bold as to say: put up or shut up! Do what you're elected to do, for everyone's sake.

Anonymous said...

I knew a mom who took her child out to home school her because she was always in trouble in the classroom. It really didn't help too much since the home situation was so horrific due to dad's drug problem. That was just a really sad situation with a mother that was really trying to help her child. What she failed to understand (in her own immaturity) is that the child was likely reacting to the home enviornment.

And do home schooling folks have to pay school taxes and/or do they get a tax break for home schooling?

Anonymous said...

The state of Texas has taken away teachers rights, unlike many other states which allow them the privilege of collective bargaining. Teachers would have a voice in their environment if they could form unions and strike to get better treatment.

11:33 and 8:22 - You are SO RIGHT! The abuses will continue until someone takes it up the ladder. I know for a fact that in many areas, teachers are expected (required)to work extra, unpaid hours for every imaginable excuse. Teachers may not be able to form unions but some could sure as hell could smack the system with wage and hour complaints to the National Labor Relations Board.
A successful lawsuit or two would surely square some administration heads into prohibiting abuses that could cost local school districts a bundle and that would finally get taxpayers involved to make school boards pay attention...FOR ONCE!

Anonymous said...

Ask those board members what they use to motivate administrators to get those TAKS scores up...then you will see why students aren't students anymore, they are just numbers...numbers to the school board and administrators. The whole system is flawed and it is the students and teachers that suffer the most. Let's take a new TAKS test:
Can you spell b-o-n-u-s? And that will not be given to the teachers.

Anonymous said...

What might be better for a campus -

A. 20-25% of it's teachers leaving yearly

B. New campus leadership to start fresh

Anonymous said...

Hey I know, maybe if you stopped so many of those programs then you could let the teachers focus on what there teaching and not have to worry so much about working nights and weekends. Maybe they would be better teacher's and those test scores would go up.

Anonymous said...

Uh, 8:22, so what happened when you spoke up? Um, did you do it while you were there or on your way out the door? Beloved? I think your slip is showing.

Anonymous said...

1:06, I can certainly feel your exasperation with the system you are in. Your words speak volumes about the situation you are all in as teachers in DISD. There are only a few "outs." One, is of course to do what the other teachers have done - LEAVE! And if you leave, put in your letter of resignation your reasons for leaving.
The other is to take a stand as teachers and go to those board members who are trying to help and tell them again and again that you need their help. Ask THEM what you as teachers can do to help them do their jobs.
I know...I know... you are told to stay away from board not talk to them. BS! You have the right to speak to whomever you wish! It is YOU "in the trenches" who can see the problems clearly and it is YOU who must stay in touch with your board members. Call them on the phone...they will keep your anonymity.
DISD administrators try very hard ...and I believe they are keep thumbs down on the lowly teachers. TALK to those members who are trying to make change! TALK to your friends in the community.
I, for one, feel very sad that our school system that was once "the place to be" has now become "the place to avoid" in the ranks of real professional teachers.
Good luck and God's speed to you in the DISD ranks... you certainly need it!

Anonymous said...

8:53... I'm sorry if you are not educated enough to understand the term "beloved." It's not my slip showing, dear... it is my clearly sardonic tone! duh!

Anonymous said...

8:22, your statement implies the teachers are incapable of reading inbetween the lines, and that they do their job looking for that "pat on the back" which is absolutely hogwash. Teachers do ask the questions you pose, and they leave because the answer they get usually forces them to leave. And then when you say to "enjoy all the work that is getting you nowhere..." I hope that my child's teacher doesn't take what you say to heart because ultimately, shouldn't the teacher's motivation be related to her student, not the kudos of administration? Teachers shouldn't be fighting each other. They should unite because the whole accountiblity system is so flawed that it is making everyone paranoid and angry.

Anonymous said...

No one should accept the high turnover rate in DHS without serious questions about administration failures. But the regime there has created a firewall to discourage (intimidate) teachers from taking grievances to the school board and have brainwashed teachers into believing that the board is the enemy. Therefore, board members who really want to do something right are unable to gather the facts. The board should get out of its cage and do firsthand personal interviews and gather information from the source. Things must change and they have the authority and mandate to make the right changes. The firewall has to be broken down and it begins with bypassing the superintendent and principal at DHS.

Anonymous said...

DISD teachers:

The last session of the legislature guaranteed your right to approach school board members.
Exercise that right.......just remember to be factual. Anyone interfering with right will face serious consequences.

How can they know know if you don't tell them?

When you are given an unethical order request it be followed in writing with an email. CC that request to that administrator's superior. Watch them back down!

Anonymous said...

Four and one half principals last year, three and one half this year if you count the one assigned to the counselor's office.

And a full time police officer to help with discipline. And a facilities manager too!

Many of the teachers are clearly overworked, and rightly stressed out.

But a case can also clearly be built that DHS admin and some teachers have little to be stressed about.

Anonymous said...

There is an unacceptable turnover in teachers in DHS and very little in administration. Management is self-sustaining but the system requires skilled, experienced worker bees. When they leave in droves, there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with management. Hey, schoold board....IT'S A NO-BRAINER!

Anonymous said...

10:29, My comments above were directed to the teacher who included this quote in his/her schpiel:
"Unless you really are an ass kisser of Jerry's and then I just have no words for that situation that can be published."
My comments were directed to those teachers who are buying the admin's brainwashing tactics about Jerry being "against everything the teachers want to do!" That is NOT so, but it sure seems that many teachers have it out for Jerry. He ran for the board to try and begin to make changes. He stuck his neck out many times to call a spade a spade. Instead of teachers backing him in his quest to make things better (slowly ,yes, but at least it is a beginning) they BLAST him and any of the board who doesn't rubber stamp the admin's wishes!
My comments have not one thing to do with dedication to students and classroom teaching. Most all teachers are VERY dedicated to their students and their success, but until they ALL begin to think for themselves and tell their admin that people like Jerry Howard are in the RIGHT, then, as I said before, they will have to endure more of the same.
Obviously, you have no idea of the "politics" that go on within a school system. I do.
Teachers are motivated to do their job and guess what...??? MONEY is part of that motivation. Your statement " shouldn't the teacher's motivation be related to her student, not the kudos of administration?" is indicative of that same attitude I said earlier. Pat on the back for doing a good job with our kids!! Their success should be enough for you!! People work for MONEY too! You do realize teachers have bills to pay, right? Their own children to put through college, right? Their own retirement to plan for, right?
I'm is time to treat teachers as the professionals they are! It is time for teachers to stop accepting "pats on the back" in lieu of compensation. (That tends to overpower one's sense of dedication.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mr. Howard would have been elected if it were not for many teachers who voted for him.

They DO support him, but can't do it publicly for obvious reasons.

If the board wants support in the way of information from the teachers - they've got to ask for it, ask them to submit surveys, something. And, they've got to do it in a non-threatening manner.

In the past, several DID go to the board members with concerns, and nothing came of it.

Not all of us believe the false support and tactics from principals - but we put up with it just to get by.

I will back anyone in favor of change and if that means leadership, then so be it. We owe it to our community and the children to get this school back in shape.

Change is needed, and it's way past time to do it. Some of the younger board members better do it fast, before it's even too late for their kids coming up into the ranks of the upper schools. It's not going to happen overnight.

The board has challenged administrators to do what it takes to get scores up. Doesn't that mean the highest of administrator can make changes too, or will the board back down and not support him should he try again?

Or, does that mean more Saturdays, evenings, time taken out of normal classroom instruction, and more and more teachers leaving?

And, don't for a second think we all fall for that little pat on the back - it ain't happening!

The students are the only reasons some of us are still there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are on the same page then. It is a battle that the teachers cannot win as long as the same administration stays. If the DISD board members cannot/will not see that, then the system will limp along and continue its decline just as it has for the past 10 years.

However, you say teachers "They DO support him, but can't do it publicly for obvious reasons."
I would disagree. Teachers have a right to voice their professional opinions. Saying it can't be done publicly, for obvious reasons, is saying that teachers have been intimidated by admin. THAT is a major part of what is wrong with the system. Supress the teachers and keep them under control. Administration should LEAD, not SUPRESS!

I understand the teachers' rock and a hard place, but what I am saying is they should not be made to feel that way. THAT is enough in itself to cause reason for the admin's dismissal, as far as I am concerned.

DISD board members need to represent their community and its children. For some odd reason, they seem to believe that once a superintendent is hired, the board must do as he wishes. That's backwards. The superintendent WORKS FOR THE BOARD! Evidently when they go to "school board training" someone brainwashes them into believe this "unified front" is a must. That is incorrect. These people are individuals and should speak their own minds and vote their own convictions. THAT is what allows a community to see just who is and who is not doing a good job as a board member. They were elected based on their own "promises"... then they get on the board, get sucked in, and the individual is lost to the "unified group."

As far as the HS principal still being in her admin position, well, all I can say is that she must have the polaroids on someone!