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Random Basketball Notes

- Did anyone hear me scream last night as Baylor was ahead of Oklahoma by three points with only seven seconds left, only to watch (1) OU make a three point shot AND GET FOULED and make the free throw to go up by one, and (2) Have Baylor get fouled with ONE second left, shooting two (one to tie, two to win), and miss BOTH OF THEM (photo above)? 92-91. Kill me.

Edit Watch the two missed field goals (and celebrate my pain) here on youtube.

- And, the NBA is going to play an outdoor game in October


Anonymous said...

What stinks as a Baylor fan is Baylor's team is talented but is one year and one more talented big man away from having a really good team. The post players (Diene and Lomars) move about as fast as snails and the team as a whole fouls in some creative and frigthenly stupid ways. All of that being said, they are one of those teams no one wants to come across in the big 12 tourney b/c if they get the three ball working, they can go with anyone with the possible exception of Kansas. GO BEARS!!!

AnObiter said...

Vote for Bill Meier! And you should've allowed for comments above; there's a lot of political sorriness this time of year...candidates often show their true colors while trying to win their "I'm-best-for-the-job" positions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your Bears but it was very exciting for those of us who are Sooner fans. A little payback for Baylor winning big on Sunday against OU in women's basketball.

Anonymous said...

i dont think baylor has had a loss by more than 10 points....several have been with in 5