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I won't do it justice, but Channel 5's wheels were flying all over the road a second ago. The Today Show had just begun showing the "confession" in the Natalie Holloway case when, suddenly, KXAS cuts to a local commercial. I'm pretty sure it was a local error. I got to see four commercials played and then repeated. Off.


Anonymous said...

WHAT is wrong with the Messenger wet site? I heard they went to a new server, but goodness... it used to work like a it's like a horse and plow! >>frustrated<<

rex the wonder dog said...

Well, the confession is all over the national news now and it is newsworthy. You are alert to such things and I want to thank you for always trying to get new material to us early.

Over the long haul of this Blog, I think we all owe you a debt of gratitude for bringing us a place of information, expression, entertainment, one to play in and an outlet for opinions that add measureably to our lives.

I know you spend a lot of time managing the Blog and other web sites you have created, time that could be spent more productively. Thanks Barry for contributing a social gift of value to us. You are a good citizen.


Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome...but the words "creepy" and "stalker" come to mind

Another Faithful Reader said...

Ditto on "rex-t-w-d" comment. I enjoy daily.

Anonymous said...

11:29 - ~~((BOO!!))~~ LOL