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Very Random Media Thought

I think Joe Buck and Troy Aikman do a pretty good job as Fox's #1 team (although Troy never really says anything interesting.)

That being said, I watched a replay of the last moment of the Super Bowl from yesterday and saw/heard something fairly interesting. From the moment that Plaxico Burress caught the game winning touchdown (with Buck saying, "Manning lobs it. Burress alone. Touchdown New York!") up until the extra point was kicked, neither Buck or Aikman said a word. It was just pictures and crowd noise.

That, my friends, is good announcing.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that last night and thought the same exact thing

Anonymous said...

It is just GREAT when announcers realize that some moments need no explanation.

Anonymous said...

thank you, 10:44

Anonymous said...

barry, you spent too much time in your mothers lingerie shop, if you think Aikman lacks as an announcer

Denney Crane said...

I must agree with you on this one. I'm so sick of John Madden, who never shuts up and knows everything and everyone. He is more annoying than Cosell in his last years. I used to mute the TV and turn on the radio and listen to Vern Luquist and Dale Hansen announce the games.

Announce the plays, show enthusiasm, talk about the players, but let the great plays speak for themselves. I have eyes, a brain and need for the announcer to share the credit for outstanding performance.

Anonymous said...

bryant gumble would have been better. i just love when he commentates. it adds soooo much to the game.