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Half Time Report

- I'm supposed to "enjoy" Tom Petty right now. Not a chance. But I'm glad he didn't die on stage. In other spare entertainment news, Eddie Money will be appearing at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine. Really.
- The game is OK. I just don't believe the Patriots will screw this up.
- Anybody see Paula Abdul singing in the pre-game? Lip syncing at its finest. And when they went to her live she looked like she had been popping pain killers like candy.
- Speaking of crazy, Fox had it's own pre-game to the pre-game this morning which was kind of a pseudo news show. Except they had two Hooters girls on stage (backs to the camera) playing a video game the entire time. Bizarre. Not that I'm against it. Just bizarre.
- Commercials . . .
---The Charles Barkley one was funny.
---As well as the Naomi Campbell and lizards dancing to Thriller. Didn't understand it. But funny.
---The local commercial from Crest Auto Group making fun of T.O. crying was a little shocking.
--- And the Godfather knock off ad for the Audio R8 was pretty funny - until I looked it up and found out the car retails for $108,000.
---The Pepsi ad which incorporated Night at the Roxbury was funny (especially the brief appearance by Chris Kattan) but I'm not sure how many people have seen the movie.
---The uni-brow girl that attracted guys by using planters peanuts as perfume was worth a giggle.
---Stole this one about the Doritos ad: "I will not say it is a good ad, per se. But I will say that any time a man in a mouse suit jumps through a wall and starts beating someone up for a bag of Doritos, something great and important is happening on television."

Edit: Another stolen line posted in the 4th quarter: "11:05 -- Let it be known, that if anyone laid money on the prop bet of 'two scoreless quarters followed by a touchdown caught by David Tyree,' you're officially a rich man."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there was a screen shot of cleavage during the halftime musical, so now I think all Super Bowls should be banned.

Sydney Bristow said...

I must say that I don't care for Brady and I think Coach Bill is a slob!! And I can't believe that a game that was excruciatingly boring for three quarters is coming down to the last 59 seconds. I try not to watch the halftime "show" ... it is usually so painful it makes my brain hurt.

Anonymous said...

For me...they just cannot top the Budweiser horses. The one tonight with the Dalmation[sic] training the young stallion was priceless--especially when the stallion was chosen and the dog and horse gave each other a high five. What a terrific commercial!!!

Anonymous said...

Paula could be more talented than Brittney.

Bulldog said...

I think that is the Audi R8, not Audio R8. I'm just sayin

Anonymous said...

742 there was two hours of male rump on the screen too. Shall we ban football too?

Anonymous said...

The Paula Abdul video was even gayer than the Abercrombie poster.

Anonymous said...

Plaxico Burress looks like a tired old crackhead and makes about as much sense as one.

Anonymous said...

What do you call a bunch of millionaires watching the Superbowl?