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Obscure Legal Move You'll Probably Never Use

Today Texas' highest criminal court ruled (in general) that if you have one trial involving multiple criminal cases and a fine is assessed in each case, then the fines must run "concurrently" meaning that the largest fine, when paid, wipes out all the others. Example: You get a ticket for speeding, no insurance, no seat belt, and expired registration. A trial is held on all cases at the same time. A judge or jury finds you guilty on all four offenses and assesses a fine of $200, $175, $150, and $190. Bottom line: Once you pay the $200, the other three fines are wiped out. (The bad news: You probably still owe court costs on four different cases.) Opinion here. Funny dissent here. The prosecutors across the State are angry here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barry. When does criminal court cover traffic offenses?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - just another legal clu$terf^ck. I love it when you legal beagles write such horrifically long documents that no one can stay awake long enough to read them. I know I'm yawning.

Andria said...

A child of Judge Hervey and a child of Judge Price are both in my law school class. Good times.

Burt Reynolds said...

Awww, the armed revenue collectors are going to have to pull over more "lawbreakers" to keep the city coffers full.

Hey Decatur PD, ever catch that murderer? No? I bet you got a lot of speeders though!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You mean this isn't a joke?

James Crook is convicted of 13 counts of barratry.

barratry: (from
n. creating legal business by stirring up disputes and quarrels, generally for the benefit of the lawyer who sees fees in the matter. Barratry is illegal in all states and subject to criminal punishment and/or discipline by the state bar, but there must be a showing that the resulting lawsuit was totally groundless. There is a lot of border-line barratry in which attorneys, in the name of being tough or protecting the client, fail to seek avenues for settlement of disputes or will not tell the client he/she has no legitimate claim.

That lawyer was born to be a Crook.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen who has never been charged with any of these offenses, this just looks stupid. But these are the Republican judges ya'll have elected. To simple liberal me, an offense is an offense. Each should be dealt with individually. I'm certain wordkyle can correct me here but it seems that public justice is being compromised by Republican "efficiency."

Anonymous said...

Ya know,crime doesn't pay what it used too.

Anonymous said...

Omg. That is crazy. Does that mean the state is going to have to waste more time and money to seperate the cases?
Doesnt the Judge get to decide if prison terms are severed seperatly or together?