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But not exciting news.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the group. It is nice to see "The Little Guy" win one against the GIANTS and CORPORATE GREED

RPM said...

Ya know, I just don't get all the uproar and phobia people have about injection wells. I've lived near one for years and have had zero problems with it. My water tastes just the same as it did when I was a kid.

They are pumping saltwater that came from 5000 feet below the surface back down to where it comes from. They are not pumping it into the freshwater aquifer. I'm sure there might be problems with overuse of a well or zone and then it starts to try to push out of that zone.

Want to know the solution? You drill a new injection well and spread out the use. But, wait... we don't want any new wells. We want you to keep using the ones are already there. I wonder what happens when you overuse a well. Hmmmm....

People, we live in a dirty world to make your life easier. There will be a few things you have to put up with to drive your Chevy, turn on your lights, cook your food, power that Xbox360, ect. Now if you want to pull yourself off the electric grid, sell your car and start cooking over a campfire (oops, burn ban!), then I guess you can start griping about the evils of petroleum production.

Altho, I suspect the same people that are raising the fuss would suddenly change their tune if Devon decided to punch a hole in the Barnett on their place and send them a check every month.

Anonymous said...

The issue on this case was not being against energy independence and the oil and gas industry; it was about public safety. The truck traffic on the narrow county roads and blind curves were a danger to the people who lived in the area of the injection well. School buses traveled that road.

The railroad commission was told to take those issues into consideration when granting a permit. Perhaps one solution would be to limit times trucks could travel the roads.

Many Wise County roads are so narrow that two cars have trouble passing, more less a big tank truck.

I think the leader of this group spoke to not being against the oil and gas industry, but being for public safety.

I guess if it were my children riding the bus on the county road, I would be concerned.

Anonymous said...

rpm, its not just salt water. "Salt water" is a euphemism for the chemical cocktail that is injected back into the ground.

Anonymous said...


You are like a bad broken record.

So in "real" life are you like a tobacco Lawyer or a company Asbestos Doctor?

Because "I cant smell it .. taste it or feel it .. It must be good. Corporations dont lie ..

Holly Crap are you a fool.

Anonymous said...

Is that a joke ? LOL His name is Jim Poop and he is after a "waste" well ?

Anonymous said...

kudos rpm!!

RPM said...

11:28 Anon (I really wish you guys would use nicknames), I'm not a tobacco lawyer, asbestos company doctor or heaven forbid a politician. I'm just a guy that grew up here and is not afraid the sky is falling.

From where I see it the only fool is the one that thinks gas just comes from a pump at Allsup's. Those same people think their yummy lamb chops just come from IGA. You don't even want to know about a baloney sandwich, trust me on that... It's an ugly world out there when you pull back the curtain.

The traffic issue really doesn't fall under the RRC's control. It does, however, fall under the scope of county government. The county commissioners could pass ordinances restricting traffic weight, size, hours of operation and pretty much anything they want to on county roads.

The citizens should put the traffic issue before the commissioners court, not the RRC.

I know it's more than saltwater. It's more than saltwater when it comes out of the ground. Would you prefer they not pump it back where it comes from and instead build a new Salt Lake Bridgeport? We could give those Mormons a run for their money!

Again, I think this has more to do with not getting a check than traffic safety and environmental concern.

tkat said...

Kudos AGAIN rpm!!!
ohhh and by the way I will use a nic this time. ararar