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Motorcycle Death Update

Just heard about one on Fox 4 News that occurred in Sanger today off of FM 455. Looked like one of those Ninja things. (No pics or links. Too beaten down to put that much effort into this.)


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are so prejudiced agaainst sport bikes Barry. The fact is the Harley/ cruiser guys account for more than 65% of motorcycle deaths. It would seem that someone with legal training might feel some obligation to fairly represent the world as it is. I guess not. Oh, and as an aspiring author you might even want to consider whether truth and balance actually count for something in the literary world.
Oh well, NOT having you represent me in a sport bike related case might be a good idea, all things considered. Preconceived notions are cumbersome things to bring into a court of law.

Anonymous said...

12:02, you might take your own advice, and learn something about statistics. There are two reasons that most motorcycle deaths would involve "regular" motorcycles. One is that the number of regular bikes and the miles travelled far exceed the number of Ninja-type bikes and the miles those travel on the road. It's the reason that I'm sure more people are also killed in car accidents than Ninja bike accidents. Sheer numbers, but does that mean a Ninja bike is safer than a car? Nope. Another is that statistics are developed over periods of time, and sport bikes are a relatively new fad. Go find a statistic that breaks deaths down on a percentage basis by type of motorcycle or mileage travelled, and you'll get an accurate picture of which type motorcycle driver is more likely to be killed.

Crud Bonemeal said...

You guys do realize that there are certain truths about motorcycles that lead me to believe that people who ride on the streets have a streak of insanity in them.
1. motorcycles have no doors or side panels; the only thing between your body and the car that hits you is-well-nothing.
2. motorcycles have two wheels which means it has two points of contact with the pavement which is two less than a car.
3. motorcycle tires are skinnier than car tires so the contact points with road are smaller.
4. they accelerate faster than a car, and at any speed over 40 mph, they take longer to stop than a car because they are lighter and have less contact with the road.

Anonymous said...

Uh,,, Crud your ignorance is showing;

As regards your point #4, a modern sport bike will stop from a speed of 100 mph in HALF the distance of any car on the market