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Just Stare At The Headline

And there is no way I can describe Lari Barager's report on this on Fox 4 last night. That bipolar lady is indeed bipolar if bipolar means "crazy."

And Lori ended her report saying, "And [the bi-polar lady] told me that she'll probably spend tonight with the monkey sleeping on her head." And Lari never cracked a smile.


Anonymous said...

She needs to spank that monkey

Anonymous said...

I bet the Sheriff wished Barager would sleep on his head

Wild Bill said...

I saw the news report and the lady is nuts, but kinda hot? Makes you wonder, the crazy ones can be a real tiger in bed. But then they go back to being nuts..Oh, what the hell.

Anonymous said...

DAMMIT!! I've been trying to think of a good "monkey on the head" joke all morning.

I got nothing.

Anonymous said...

In the new world of uber PC we don't say bipolar anymore to describe crazy people. We refer to them as "single polarity challenged".

Anonymous said...

True story - I've had monkeys all through out my life. Really. And my grandfather before me and my mother after that. I've got pics and old 8mm film of them and their monkeys.

MY first monkey was a squirrel monkey, ordered right from the back pages of Good Housekeeping - any of y'all remember those ads of the cute little monkey sitting in a teacup? Well, I got one - it was a Squirrel Monkey, only $19.95, plus shipping.

We had to drive to Dallas to pick him up at the bus station - and we immediately went to the nearest dime store and bought him some Ken (Barbie doll) clothes. He would only wear the orange V-neck sweater. He hated eall the other clothes we bought for him that day, but he loved that sweater. I was about six then.

We enjoyed him tremendously, but because he shat EVERYWHERE, especially in high-up places, we started letting him outside. He'd play in the cedar trees, and have great fun, and always come in when we called him.

Pepe could open a jar to get a maraschino cherry or anything he felt compelled to get out, would play catch endlessly with me with a red jack ball, and on and on. If only he were toilet trained.....he might have been with me for decades.

Sadly, one cold winter day, he crawled up under our Oldsmobile to keep warm by the engine, and then, RIP Pepe, when Dad started the car, he got chopped to pieces by the radiator fan. Gawd was that a sad day for us all.

Several years later, I got given another Squirrel, and he ran away with one of our Siamese cats - I think they thought they were in love. He humped the kitty all the time. They eventually eloped, and never came back. I guess either a varmit got him, or he's living up in Oklahoma now.

In the mid nineties, we had breeder rhesus monkeys, and even managed to treat them well enough to get a baby. I had to steal it from the Mom & Dad, but that's a whole 'nother story.