The Campaign For DA


Random Thoughts

- Man, I've got allergies today like nobody's business. - I'm signed up to run the White Rock Half Marathon on Sunday and the forecast is for high winds and rain. - I learned the hard way this weekend that an outdoor string of lights has its own built in fuse. - North Texas plays the Evil Empire in basketball tonight but probably won't watch it - I think the phone call from Jenna Bush to her parents on the Ellen show today wasn't an impromptu call at all (saw it on The Today Show this morning.) - I bet that Mike Huckabee wins the Republican nomination. - Learned the other day at the courthouse that Santa doesn't handle everyone's presents the same way. With some kinds the gifts are neatly wrapped, at other houses no wrapping paper is used, and in others they are just covered up with paper or a blanket. - "No Country For Old Men" looks pretty good. - My cruise control wouldn't work the other day. It drove me nuts not to have it. But it came back to life. - I noticed there was a 30 minute Shrek Christmas cartoon on the other night ("Shrek The Halls") that ended up the #3 most watched prime time show. Charlie Brown came in at #15. - The Wise County Courthouse has never pushed the limits with religious theme decorations. Just lights and "Happy Holidays."