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Dirty, Unsexy Money

I'd never heard of Richard "Dickie" Scruggs. But I quickly learned today that he is an old school plaintiffs lawyer from Mississippi who got rich back in the day by suing everybody for everything. He made almost half a billion dollars by being a contract lawyer for state governments in the big Tobacco Settlements in the 1990s (never before have so few gotten so rich because of political connections - an embarrassment of riches.)

So I already don't like the guy.

But then I learned he was federally indicted last month for allegedly trying to bribe a judge with $40,000 for a favorable ruling in a lawsuit involving Katrina victims and insurance companies. Actually, the lawsuit involved a bunch of lawyers fighting over $26 million in attorneys fees that had already been awarded. Sheesh.

Yesterday, the lawyer that delivered the money to the judge, Tim Balducci, pled guilty to the charge and will cooperate with the Feds.

Dickie, things are about to get tough for you. You might want to ask former Texas AG Dan Morales what to expect.

And, I'll be, he's Trent Lott's brother-in-law.


femme d'espoir said...

Can't help but wonder if Trent Lott's resignation is somehow tied to this.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I was thinking!

Anonymous said...

Ya'lls side has a slip and fall lawyer just like him running for President. What does who you are married to have to do with it. A snake is a snake.

House of R & R said...

OMGosh! I remember reading an article about him when all those insurance claims came to light. I thought.... this guy is really going to help those people win those lawsuits against the ins. companies.

WOW! who would have thought he turned out to be a crook!

Anonymous said...

it must be really lonely to be a lawyer.they cant even get along with each other. you act surprised that there was corruption involved in catrina and tabaco lawsuits, the law makers and the justice system are both terribly broken,

God help us

Anonymous said...

House of r&r, I've always been under the impression that lawyers and crooks were one in the same. Why are you so surprised?

Anonymous said...

One can only assume that your choice not to practice organized religion was due to corruption and hypocrisy. Can we also assume that this revelation means you will choose not to practice law?

Anonymous said...

Just because every lawyer is not Atticus Finch does not mean that no lawyer is Atticus Finch.

Our justice system is no more broken than it has ever been. Corruption is corruption, and has always been present in this and every system, and will always be. There have always been corrupt lawyers and corrupt judges, and there have always been honest lawyers and honest judges. The problem with this is the same as the problem in general .... good news gets no coverage. No one gets a headline for doing the right thing. And even honest lawyers are bad-mouthed and despised by the folks on the opposite side of their cases, because those people believe that anyone who has opposed them - sued them or defended a suit on the other side - must be corrupt or sleazy or incompetent to have dared to take a position opposed to their own.

Same fundamental reason there is so much Republican-bashing by Democrat supporters, and so much Democrat-bashing by Republican supporters. Anybody on the other side must be corrupt or an idiot.

Wrong on all counts.

We all need to grow up and take in a breath of kindness.

I recall the lyric ..."There won't be any trumpets blowin', come the Judgment Day. On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away."

Spite is not a virtue.

Peace on Earth.

Denney Crane said...

"Scruggs was scheduled to host a fundraiser at his home for Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, to be attended by former President Bill Clinton. However, that fundraiser was canceled after Scruggs' indictment."

She's lost another paying customer!!!

Tony D. said...

Who'da thought that Trent Lott would be connected to anybody that was shady, or crooked, or anything like that.