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Craziest Play Of The Weekend

The Washington Redskins decided to honor the deceased Sean Taylor by having only 10 people on the field for its first defensive play. See, that symbolizes that Sean was "still with them in spirit." Get it?

Well, the Buffalo Bills ran a running play that picked up 22 yards. Sorry? Not sorry?

And then I learn this morning that Head Coach Joe Gibbs didn't know his defensive coordinator was going to do that.


Anonymous said...

They should have all been carrying machetes.

Anonymous said...

It was announced on all the pre-game shows. Buffalo should have taken a knee or thrown it off.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs may have lost the game by calling 2 timeouts in succession at the end of the game shortening the long field goal by 15 yards. Looks like Gibbs ought to go back to NASCAR.

Anonymous said...

What else do you expect from Buffalo, a proud member of the "classless" sports teams that make up professional sports nowadays?

Anonymous said...

So much for dead black (or white or red or yellow) football player's spirits having any impact on their team's playing ability, huh?