Wedding Bells

Well, it looks like Megan Henderson finally heard about my unhealthy infatuation with her and sent me an autographed photo. (Actually, it went through Sheriff David Walker who delivered it to me today. Man, that guy is connected.) But if you'll look closely at this scanned-in reproduction you'll see what looks like a little heart by her name. Yep, I think she's sweet on me.

Megan, I'll stalk you wait for you until you love me - because true love waits - at least for a couple of weeks. And if that funny-guy-anchor Tim Ryan tries to come between us, he's got another thing coming. Same goes for that soft spoken Jeff Crilley. (My voice is much deeper than his, and I won't get choked up like he does during sensitive situations. Does he really talk that softly in person?) It would be sooooo much fun to go out in Decatur. Do you like the Salad Wagon at K-Bob's? It's the best in town. Do you like chicken fried steak with lots of gravy? Afterwards, we could go to the new Lowe's and look at power tools and stuff. Hearts & Kisses, Barry.