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David And James

Channel 5's David Finfrock has been on the TV for about 15 minutes in connection with the tornado warning in Mansfield and South Arlington. The crazy part is that he keeps asking "James", who is off camera, for updates. Then James dominates the conversation as we get to see Finfrock standing in front of a radar and looking, presumably, at the mysterious (and still not visible) James. It's just very bizarre.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Scott Sams coming back to the metro news? He babed up with Julia Bologna and "SWEET" Shannon Hori. Those two names make my mornings, Teresa Frosini is not that bad to look at either..
Heres is just a profile for for future promo ads ( I'm sure it will not air)....Channel 11 says,
"Enjoy a Bologna Samswitch while the Hori on the sofa is enjoying a Frosini", you reckon?