By Chance . . .

I just rented and watched the recent documentary called "Cocaine Cowboys" that, well, documents the rise of the cocaine trade in Florida in the 70s and 80s. Good stuff. One thing I'm a sucker for is a documentary that goes back and digs up old local news footage, and this flick had tons of it. In a nutshell: Our borders were open and bags and bags of marijuana came flowing in. So much that they couldn't sell it all. Somebody figures out that cocaine is worth more $$$$ and starts importing it from Columbia. The cops begin to crack down and the importing gets tougher. Then we have the Cuban refugee crisis which leads to a Cuban v. Columbian drug war. Murders. Cops on the take. Fast cars. Big houses. Disco. A Time cover story of "Paradise Lost". Good times.

By sheer luck, I rented "Scarface" next - A famous movie I've never seen. Heck, it all made sense to me. (And I finally learned where the line "Say hello to my little friend" comes from. )