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Just Got This In My InBox Regarding Cowboy's First Preseason Game

An afternoon game in August in Texas Stadium? We'll be lucky if someone doesn't die.

Edit: Ok, I'm an idiot. That didn't say a 3:00 p.m. kickoff. The story says that it will be on a "Thursday night". Still gonna be hot, though, since the sun will still be up come kickoff time.


Anonymous said...

It's a 7pm start, they would not have an afternoon game on a Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Big deal!! First preseason game means any real players get one or two series then go sit in front of fans (the rotating type) in the sidelines. The ad-mister Peyton Manning will play about 12 plays. Goofy spectators pay $40 to a couple hundred dollars to watch a scrimmage. Jerry Jones collects big bucks and the "fans" sweat it out with $8 beers.