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Even I Pause Sometimes

All of these headlines were collected over this weekend from the Morning News and Star Telegram. All of the stories accompanying them alleged that they cause of the incident was an allegedly intoxicated driver. Well, except the top one that was silent about the subject - but since it occurred at 2:00 a.m., it's probably safe to bet in that direction.

The worst one was the guy driving the wrong way on Central Expressway in Dallas.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, some drunk drivers do terrible things. However, many drinking (maybe not drunk) drivers get home without causing any problems on the road. Punish the violators; leave the rest of us drunks alone.

ellis said...

but , really, i'm sure these drivers had chewed gum after they drank a half case of Bud and therefore are NOT GUILTY !!!
it is ok to drive drunk if you chew gum !! don't you get it?? soemtimes barron, you are a dumb a**.
plus , i am sure , if they get a lawyer that is worth a plug nickel, they had their rights violated and the machine was not working properly, and dthere was an error somewhere in the booking process, and they will get off with only owing their attorney a couple thousand $.
am i wrong? hell no!

Anonymous said...

These are the people I saw at Wise County Park Sunday drinking beer and watching the water rise. I did not know this all occurred after the park incident where one truck left the new waters edge. We need a congregation at Wise Co. Park with them Indians on Sunday morning. We'll have a picnic @12:15 for those suspects and a NEW motto, "Don't drink and drive unless you are on the beach front @ 15 m.p.h.".