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Man, That Was Miserable

As I was freezing hitting golf balls on the driving range before 8:00 a.m., one of my buddies said, "At least we know this is as bad as it is gonna be." "Right," I replied.


It was cold, but bearable, before 10:00 a.m and then the winds kicked up violently and we froze the rest of the way. It's not fun when you're wishing you were on the 18th tee box instead of the 12th. I don't remember any weather person warning me about wind. In fact, I specifically remember seeing "5-10 mph. NE" a couple of days ago. Uggh.

But my round was pretty much mid-season form for my first day of golf of the year. Threw together a couple of pars - I got the "stop posing" comment from one of my foursome after a tee shot that almost made me weep with joy, and then at other times I was the worst golfer in the history of ever: Slice out of bounds, duff it with a 7 iron making it go 20 yards, tee off at a right angle.

Edit: An the picture has nothing to do with my day other than both involve golf.