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God Blesses Baylor At Easter / A&M, Not So Much

On this, Good Friday, there were two important basketball announcements: (1) Baylor had signed its women's basketball coach to a 10 year contract extension (followed, presumably, by a celebration of grape juice in little bitty glasses) and (2) the head coach of Texas A&M, as a thief in the night, turned his back on the good Ags (and a few million dollars) to jump ship for the back woods of the University of Kentucky.

Obviously, God has spoken.


Anonymous said...

i think UK has female chealeaders. who wouldn't want to change addresses. 'suck em off aggs'

Anonymous said...

It's appropriate that Baylor's top sports story of the decade is hiring a womens basketball coach.

saw_em_off_ags said...

gah, Gillespie really isn't on our good side right now..