"Nappy Headed Ho's"

Ok, I'm now on the verge of insanity.

Don Imus (whom I suspect 80% of the very intelligent Blog readers had never heard of) called the women's basketball team at Rutgers (whom I suspect 99% of the very intelligent Blog readers hadn't realized played for the National Championship last week) a bunch of "nappy headed ho's" and all hell breaks lose.

I bristle at racist comments more than anyone I know. (Quick story: About five years ago a buddy of mine pulled out a black tee on the golf course at Runaway Bay and said he, "was gonna use his nigger tee on this hole." I still kick myself for not picking up my clubs and walking to my car in disgust. But that kind of crap happens every day and every hour in Wise County. You know it. If not, go eat by yourself at any local restaurant and keep your ears open. ) But I also know that words are just words. They can't kill. They can't give you cancer. They can't keep you from waking up tomorrow.

Above all, I preach forgiveness. Above all, I preach "you without sin, cast the first stone." Above all, I preach, "give someone a break."

This dog pile of Don Imus, who I never thought was particularly talented, turns my stomach.