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Say What?

There are stories today about a hearing in Collin County regarding the attempt to free Michael Blair (based upon DNA evidence) who was convicted in the 1993 killing of a 7-year-old Plano girl. Two paragraphs jumped out at me in the Channel 8 story.

The district attorney also approved a hearing to bring in Charles Linch, a forensic analyst who served as a witness for the State in Blair's [previous] trial, for a meeting with defense attorneys. Linch, who now lives in Virginia, had been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital several months before his testimony at the 1994 trial, and defense attorneys say his mental condition tainted his testimony, which ultimately helped convict Blair.

Say what? The State used a witness that had been committed to the nut house? That's a new one for me.

Then there was this:

Even if Blair were granted a new trial and cleared, he would never be freed from prison because he is serving three consecutive life sentences for sex crimes involving children.

He's never getting out - why waste our time - although I suppose history deserves to know whether he is the killer or not.


Anonymous said...

I think it could be a waste of tax payer's money; however, if it does prove that he did NOT kill her, then they could open back up the case to find the real killer.

Either way, it's got to be hard on Ashley's family and friends.

Sometimes, maybe it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. (no pun intended)

greta said...

Now that doubt has been placed in the minds of the public, wouldn't a person want to know for sure? Do you realize that if he is innocent of this crime by his DNA not matching, that the real killer is on the loose?

Isn't it possible the DA's office made a mistake? After all, how many prisoners are being released today because they were wrongly accused? That, in itself just shows how the justice system works.

Condoleesa said...

So what the guy was depressed before he testified. Depressed people testify all the time.