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The Big Story Of The Morning

You know, nothing surprises me anymore. I struggle between these two important and fundamental beliefs: "society is generally good" or "society is generally bad." I don't know. (Full corruption story here.)


mzchief said...

EASY answer!
Society is generally GOOD! However, there are trainloads of BAD people who bugger up the GOOD.

Anonymous said...

But the police deserve respect!! All that respect and trust, and look what they've done with it.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad we don't have any bad cops in Wise County! LOL

Anonymous said...

i can feel the mud fixin to sling

Anonymous said...

Way to go anon 12:32...You really did it!!

Mary Mack said...

People are generally good.

It all goes back to the old saying, "It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch"...or something like that.

Peer pressure, giving in to temptation...people screw up all the time and that doesn't necessarily make them a "bad" person. It makes them human.

Anonymous said...

Some people steal in a way that society deems illegal --- criminals

Some people steal in a way that society deems legal ---- lawyers

Society can try to change this but the lawmakers are ----- lawyers

We could call on the wealthy and influential of our nation but they are wealthy because 1.) they pay lawyers or 2.) they are lawyers.

BOTTOM LINE: Society is BAD.

Anonymous said...

Adults just live (and act) the way they've been taught.

Scary, isn't it?

Not too many folks can be respected these days in any profession.


kehk said...

I'd love to see this old guy dressed up like someone from The Wire standing near the towers selling.

Anonymous said...

I used to say "I love mankind, but its people I can't stand".

Anonymous said...

anon at 1:33.......what the hell does that have anything to do with anything.........paranoia reigns in your world, huh?