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Reposted From Last Year Because I Laugh Every Year When I Think About It

My good friend Kevin Clark tells the story of his first year of handing out candy in his Fort Worth neighborhood on Halloween. As the night wore down, a few stragglers were still knocking on doors. Kevin had run out of treats late in the evening but that, of course, didn't stop his doorbell from ringing one more time. As he looked around his house for something to to give in lieu of candy, he saw a "change dish" with a variety of loose coins that had accumulated over time. As Kevin tells it, he grabbed a handful of coins, opened the door, dropped the coins in the kid's basket and told him "Happy Halloween". To Kevin's horror the kid turned, ran to the edge of the front porch, and screamed for all potential trick or treaters to hear: "He's giving away mooooooooooney!!!!!"