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History and Presidents

Kinda interesting: Somebody went through each major speech of every President and noted the buzzwords that were used. Then he/she created a graphic showing those words for each speech with the size of the buzzwords correlating to how often or how little those words were used within the speech. Pretty cool. See it here. There is a slide at the top which will let you scroll for every president.


Anonymous said...

Bush said tranny. Oops, it was tyranny. Wow, I have been misled by Dumbya for so long, I can't hear straight.

Anonymous said...

Exaggerated. Based on letter heights, but those words also go longer and are the appearance of being used 10 or 20 times more than other words when actually maybe only twice or three times more. For Clinton, where is SEX?

Anonymous said...

Clinton's blow job was much safer/better/yadayada than GDub's thugs and their ner-do-wellings any day, 4:24PM. Please either kill your self, or get with the picture. The world is losing patience with the likes of you.

wordkyle said...

"The likes of you." Good grief. If the Democrats win control of both houses of Congress, don't be surprised if they pass a law requiring Conservatives to wear yellow stars on their clothes.

Trivia quiz: Did Bill Clinton devote more time to the dangers of Islamic terrorism, or to Monica's thong? Face it, during the Clinton administration the kids took over the White House and partied the whole time. Whenever the adults took over, they had to clean up the mess.