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I'm seeing and hearing a ton of ads for "Moonlight Bay" on the north shore of Lake Bridgeport. I think this is the old boy scout ranch land, but I could have sworn the development had previously been marketed under some name called "pointe" something (with the extra "e"). Anyway, I bet its a tough sale with the lake currently approaching 11 feet low.


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than all the ridiculous neighborhood names, especially in DFW proper but really just about anywhere in North Texas. Quail Creek Hollow, Fox Run Pointe, Canyons of Sycamore Bend...silly. If they want to use names that fit, should be something like "Land of Fence Boards Needing Replacement" or "Perimeter of Paper Trash That Has Flown out of Mexican Pickups". Something which captures the essence of the place.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Used to be Moonlight Bay, but with all the new security lights, etc. that will be installed, you won't be able to see the moonlight. "Deer Run", and especially anything with "Quail ...." really make me laugh. Should be "Deer ran away" or "Quail were here before we destroyed their habitat by building housed and planting yards and paving roads". Haha.

Anonymous said...

This is Texas, where we cut down all the trees and name the streets after them.