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Kudos To A Faithful Reader For Pointing This Out

From the Update today: "MEETING TODAY — There will be a meeting at noon today at Decatur City Hall for anyone interested in helping plan Wise County’s 150th sesquicentennial celebration."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm all for advance planning, but 22,350 years from now? Well the convention center should be available, I guess.

Good catch!

Anonymous said...

Mark your calendar for the big party in 24356 a.d.

Raymond said...

There is TOOO much confusion over the use of that SESQUICENTENNIAL terminology for 150! That is why I suggest using WCL for Wise County Legacy (includes the 150 in Roman Numeral of CL) or WCL++ for WiseCountyLegacy EverIncreasing(++) or even WCCL for Wise County Continuing Legacy!
Then it would not be difficult and ambiguous to publish or talk about the various WCL activities to be observed the first part of October!

Anonymous said...

Raymond is right. the "S" word is just too much. Sure it has a specific definition and all, but still it's just not a word you're going to here in the check out line at Wal Mart. Nobody ever lives that long, and places only use it once. So it's like a new word to most people. Not like "cat" or "dog" or things we know. BUT, the idea of calling it WCL++ gets you to the same problem. It's more like a size, not a name for a celebration. And while sesquicentennial is darn confounding, at least it can be found in the dictionary. So I propose the grand event carry forward with the moniker "Wise County's 150th Anniversary Celebration". Can't say birthday (I was tempted) because technically Wise County did not pop out of anything or anyone. It was here before 1856, it just didn't have a white person's label associated with it.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo. Just goes to prove that actually learning the usage of a new word is beyond the mental capacity of a Wise County resident. I had no problem using sesquicentennial correctly during Texas' celebration.