Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Golden Globes award show is the best award show ever. (I'll probably do a Meryl Streep post later and Trump's ridiculous response. It is worthy of that.)
  • I updated the Property Values link on wisecounty.com thanks to a reader who let me know the old link was dead and provided me with a better one. (By the way, I registered that domain name 20 years ago when I stumbled upon something called "the Internet." I'll sell it some day.) 
  • I saw on Fox 4 they had a 5K run on the very cold Saturday morning at UTA combating domestic violence called the Jiggle Butt Run. That's funny.
  • Pete Delkus, you need to step up your game (he's insufferable on Twitter by the way). First, KXAS has a Thunder Truck and a new fangled "S Band" satellite which proves they can do bits. And then we get this out of Atlanta on Friday:
  • If you saw the scenes at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday you know that it was absolute chaos. But any talk of moving the security border all the way outside the baggage claim area is silly and makes no sense. If done, you could carry a gun in your luggage and then retrieve it inside the secured area. Heck, at that point you could go back and hijack a plane. 
  • And should we ban people like the shooter? He is an American citizen, a veteran who served in the Middle East, and had a concealed handgun license. 
  • In the last three days, Fort Worth PD has sent out three tweets. Two of them were about a guy who didn't pay a cab fare. Really? That's the biggest thing you got? 
  • Baylor is now the #1 basketball team in the country but this screenshot and caption from Saturday's game is funny:
  • Instead of building mega-churches, why not build mega-homeless shelters?
  • Saturday afternoon near Rhome there appeared to be a major police intervention/traffic stop. DPS was involved. I saw a crazy dark purple unmarked Charger with so many lights that it would make people at a rave go insane. And there was also an undercover truck. Let me guess: A bust based upon edible weed that was bought legally in Colorado. Folks, it's not cocaine. It's not heroin. It's not meth. But Texas classifies THC the same way. If the legislature doesn't reclassify it this session, then I'm living in the dumbest state in the country. 
  • Trump said the hacking had no effect on the election. But he mentioned "Wikileaks" 164 times during the last month of his campaign.
  • I'll post it sometime this week, but I amazingly stumbled upon FBC's Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress appearing on a game show a couple of decades ago. I've got it recorded. It is beyond gold. He refers to strip clubs and is asked how many of 10 college coeds in front of him would prefer their husband be a virgin. (I thought I found an undiscovered treasure but D Magazine already knew about it.)
  • Trump's cozying  up to Russia should make all of us uncomfortable. I liked it better when Reagan referred to them as the "Evil Empire."
  • Great moment with my dad this weekend after talking about Costa Rica and he asks "Have you ever thought about just walking away and opening up a T-shirt shop on the beach?" Hey,  I've got responsibilities, a family still to protect and raise, current clients to protect and fight for, promises to keep,  but I'm beginning to develop a plan to get to the jungle. 
  • After I told Mrs. LL that, she came up with this plan  (paraphrased): "Don't just retire down there. Let's create the equivalent of a Jungle Bed and Breakfast for your crazy blog readers. If they can get down there, we'll take care of them for a week. Show them where to go. What to do. Drive them around. Continue to do your goofy Random Thoughts but advertise the Bed and Breakfast every day." That's a pretty genius idea. 
  • You want to know who won the election? The very smart Republicans who were "Never Trumpers." Talk about holding the "I Told You So" card.